Our RV's Generator is Not Getting Fuel

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One Reason Your RV's Generator Stops Running

One Reason Your RV's Generator Stops Running

Onan 4000 generator in a 94 Fourwinds 5000 does the fuel tank have to be at a certain level for the generator to run.

ANSWER: Hi, in most Motorhomes if your fuel level drops below 1/4 tank your generator will no longer get fuel.

The simple reason for this "feature" is if you are boondocking and running your generator it prevents you from running out of fuel and stranding yourself out in the middle of nowhere.

I cannot tell you how many times this "feature" has caused RVers to spend many hours if not days trying to diagnose why their generator will not start, only to find out that they have less than a 1/4 tank of gas in their motorhome.

So if you are planning to do any boondocking and you are planning to use your generator during that time; you may want to keep the 1/4 tank rule in mind and start with a full fuel tank.

If you would like to do some fuel calculations in advance of your next boondocking trip you should know that a gas-powered generator such as yours uses an average of .6 gallons of fuel per hour. Of course, this could be a little bit higher or lower depending on what appliances you are using.

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