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Our RV's Toilet is Always Clogging Up

by Claude Savoie
(NB Canada)

How to Stop Your RV's Toilet from Clogging Up

How to Stop Your RV's Toilet from Clogging Up

Editor's Note: This question is in reference to a 2003 Conquest

Our RV's toilet keeps plugging up. We have tried several chemicals that we got for it, but it continues to clog up.

ANSWER: Hi Claude I am going to assume that you are not having problems dumping your Black Water Tank. If that is correct then holding tank chemicals are not going to make your RV's toilet stop clogging up. Most holding tank chemicals are designed to either deodorize the black holding tank content or to speed up the process of breaking down the waste in the tank so it will dump more efficiently.

I am also going to assume that unlike a lot of RVs your RV's toilet does not sit directly above the black water tank so that when you flush the waste drops directly into the black water tank. This means the waste is traveling through some pipes to get to the tank.

There are three rules to follow to prevent clogs in an RV toilet.

1. Flush often while sitting on the toilet, water is an RV toilets friend.

2. Do not use an excessive amount of toilet paper. If you do have to use a lot of toilet paper do not try to flush it all at once.

3. Always flush twice after using the RV Toilet, the more water the better.

I would like to tell you that all RV waste plumbing systems are designed perfectly, but they are not. As I stated earlier some RV Manufacturers put the toilets right over the black water holding tank so that gravity helps dispose of the toilet waste. Other manufacturers due to floor plans etc. have to direct the waste through pipes that take a more circuitous route to the Black Water Holding Tank. In those cases, they depend on water pressure to get the waste to its ultimate destination. So the less waste you try to get through the toilet at one time and the more water you use to move it; the better chance you have of not clogging up the toilet.

There is a lot more information on how to prevent the toilet and Black Water Holding tank from clogging up; in the answer I gave to this question: What Can We Do To Keep Our RVs Black Water Holding Tank From Clogging Up?

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I hope this helps.

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Don't flush toilet paper mache
by: jssamp

RV Toilet Paper

One thing that can make your RV toilet get clogged is using regular toilet paper. Toilet paper takes a long time to break down and mixed with the solid waste in the tank, baffles, and pipes over time If not flushed out thoroughly and frequently, it can form dense clumps. After having to take one apart to clean it, I call it paper mache poop. Trust me; you don't want to do that.

The solution? Use RV toilet paper. It is more expensive, but it is designed especially for holding tank toilets. The fibers in RV toilet papers quickly separate in water allow for rapid breakdown and easier flushing away of the waste.

How I unclog my Rv Toilet
by: Mark

Twister Rv Toilet Plunger

Amazing New Twister Rv Toilet Plunger will Unclog RV toilets with straight pipe Plumbing on eBay , Amazon Worked Great for us.

black water treatment

there is a new product out now called micro-blaze R-V that works wonders works great made by verde environmental,inc. www.micro-blaze.com right now about the only way to get is to order direct a few rv dealers is stoking but not many yet

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