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Paper Wrapped Chicken Fajita Recipe

by Dianne Fawbush
(Springfield ,Oregon)

Paper Wrapped Chicken Fajita Recipe

Paper Wrapped Chicken Fajita Recipe

Paper Wrapped Chicken Fajita Recipe
By Dianne Fawbush


chicken breast

sliced bell peppers(red, yellow, green)

sliced onion, grated cheese(own choice)

Salsa or spicy BBQ sauce

Virgin Olive Oil



Other Ingredients

Special Note

Even though potatoes and zucchini are not part of the fajita, we cook them with the rest of the veggies and use them as a side dish.




Parchment Paper

How to Assemble

1. Cut the Parchment Paper in sheets about 18 inches folded in half.

2. Spray the Parchment Paper all over with PAM

3. Pile all the veggies on one half of the Parchment Paper and sprinkle them with Olive Oil and Pepper

4. Place the chicken on top of the veggies. Pour a little oil and pepper over the chicken

5. Then add your salsa or BBQ sauce sprinkle with grated cheese

6. Fold the other half of the paper over and fold the two levels together

7. Bake for about 45 minutes in a 400 Degrees Fahrenheit Oven

It's a filling meal, and there is no big clean-up. We place our wrapped chicken in small Aluminum Pans and if you use paper plates, there is very little washing up afterward.

A word of WARNING: when you remove it from the oven, peel the two layers apart carefully to avoid a rush of steam, scrape the chicken and veggies from the Parchment Paper to plate. If the chicken breast is a large fat one, we usually slice it through the middle.

We never cook in our trailer. We do have a Camp Oven
Which does the job just fine. We do this a lot while camping. It's a quick, easy meal if you have been out exploring all day.

Bon Appetite.

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