Playa Juncalito, An Abundance Of Activities For RVers. Part 2

by Dan & Lisa Goy
(Surrey, BC Canada)

Playa Juncalito, An Abundance Of Activities For RVers. Part 2

Playa Juncalito, An Abundance Of Activities For RVers. Part 2

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Continued from part 1 of Playa Juncalito, An Abundance Of Activities For RVers.

Puerto Escondido is adjacent to Juncalito and definitely worth a visit, the junction is well marked and the road into Puerto Escondido is paved. The marina is the site of a planned resort, condominium, hotel, golf course and marina complex that has been ongoing for some time.

This has been a very popular inexpensive overnight stay with RVers with hot showers, laundry, a Mini Super and a restaurant, the Porto Bello Steak & Seafood House operated by Pedro Lopez.

Puerto Escondido is without a doubt the most well-protected anchorage on the Baja, and perhaps the entire Sea of Cortez. It is actually two anchorages; the outermost, known as the "Waiting Room", is not as well protected as the innermost harbor, but is well suited to boats that are just passing through.

The Waiting Room, named so for waiting for the high tide to enter the protected harbor, is separated from the main harbor by a narrow, shallow channel. You cannot see just how large the harbor is until you have passed through this channel, hence the name Puerto Escondido, which means "Hidden Harbor" (Name of the Yacht Club”).

If you did not know you were in Baja and saw just the facilities, administration offices and the access infrastructure you might think you were in the middle of a new marina in some major city in the U.S. These radically overbuilt port facilities should be able to serve the needs of Puerto Escondido until the end of time.

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The boat yard that can do almost any service or repair with haul outs and major engine work are available no matter what kind of boat you have. In reality Puerto Escondido has enormous potential; it is a beautiful spot that needs some strong investors and a lot of TLC. Someday perhaps the Mexican government will find the right investors and a sustainable transformation will take place to make this an area that all Baja visitors will want to visit, not just a few dozen boaters.

The Puerto Escondido wash or arroyo, locally known as Steinbeck Canyon is not just one the best hikes on Baja but potentially in North America. This is an amazing hike just off main highway #1 (turn right at the Hydro
sub-station) opposite from the Puerto Escondido Singular Marina and leads into the Sierra de la Giganta range -- a rough, rugged, and stark mountain range running along the Baja peninsula. Follow the gravel road past the abandoned sewage treatment facility (look for a spigot for free potable water) turn right at the T and park where the road ends.

Once in the Canyon, the path becomes more demanding as you pick your way through, over and under the huge water-smoothed stones. It’s actually more of a bouldering scramble than a hike. You’ll be using your hands clambering up, over and under smooth river rocks. This can be a great adventure finding the right path as one must squeeze and shimmy through tight spots, dark caves and narrow cracks along the way.

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What you expect is a harsh, dry environment. What you will find is pools of water, sometimes stagnant other times running, high in the canyon with many varieties of plants, insects, and species of birds. After rainy periods, the canyon is actually quite lush and the water can be used for swimming. A well-deserved reward is a sparkling clear pool near the top and a great lunch stop. Bottom to top and return (this) should take you about 4 hours, wear good shoes or hiking boots, watch your footing and take your time.

Another charm is Hotel Tripui and RV Park which sits at the entrance of Playa Tripui also known as Rattlesnake Beach. Playa Rattlesnake is very popular with fisherman that camp out for the winter, however this beach is not suitable for large RVs.

Much of the original RV Park was burnt to the ground years ago and when rebuilt most of the campground was converted to full-time tenants (permanentes). However the remainder still accepts RVs and this facility continues to offer all services including a good convenience store, inexpensive WIFI and is next door to the hotel. The Hotel Restaurant with adjoining pool is a good place to have lunch and go for a dip!

Try boondocking at Juncalito, it may be a little off the beaten path but well worth the journey!

Submitted by Dan & Lisa Goy
Baja Amigos RV Caravan Tours

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