Problems with Minnie Winnie Transmission

Our transmission was slipping and would not go into gear. So we took it apart and rebuilt it. Now it will only go into 1st 2nd and reveres. What could the problem be?? Everything in the transmission is new..

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I am afraid that I am not going to be of much help on this one. Rebuilding or repairing a transmission properly can be tricky to say the least. That is why most larger repair facilities have transmission specialists that do nothing but repair and rebuild transmissions and that is why there are repair shops that deal with nothing but transmissions.

Since you do not tell me what year your Minnie Winnie is, you could also have some computer components that help with the proper operation of your transmission. Anything from hydraulic problems in the transmission or a computer problem could be causing the symptoms you are experiencing.

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I am opening this up to our visitors to see if any of them want to take a shot at diagnosing your problem, but your best bet in my opinion is to take your RV to a transmission specialist and have them diagnose and repair the problem.

Sorry that I could not be of more help.

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Transmission Issues
by: Glenn

I have been researching issues on pickup trucks for towing a boat. I have found that Ford, Chevy, and RAM have numerous issues with all their transmissions. Furthermore, it is always recommended to use a transmission tech. for maintenance. Comments on the various issues/problems may be found by searching online. I make an entry similar to "F150 transmission issues, or 2012 Silverado transmission issues". An entry similar to "Minnie Winnie R22 on E450 transmission issues" should bring ample information. Transmission problems may be related to the design/quality control/ware/electronic/component interface.

It's a FORD Transmission. Not a Minnie Winnie.
by: Anonymous

First off, you need to understand that your chassis and engine is built by Ford, not Minnie Winnie. The Winnebago part of your RV might even be a DIFFERENT YEAR than your FORD. Mine is 2000 Minnie Winnie on a 99 Ford. The original gears inside the transmission are cheap and will fail when overheated. You need to see a transmission specialist that will replace the gears in the transmission with heavy duty gears.

I recommend either:


I am not affiliated with either of those places, only as a consumer.

by: Anonymous

Sometimes when a transmission gets repaired they only replace the parts that need replacing, instead of rebuilding the entire transmission.
If possible, instead of them fixing your transmission have the replace it with a totally rebuilt one.

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