Refilling Propane RV Water Heater With Water

by Anonymous

I have a gas water heater and it is winterized. How do I fill the water heater--do I flush the entire system by filling the freshwater tank----then hooking up to city water to fill the hot water heater--automatically???---or what?

Thank you.

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ANSWER: Hi if the water heater is still bypassed, you need to get it back to it's normal state so that it will accept water. The procedure to do this varries by type and model of RV.

Once your water heater is not bypassed (winterized) it should automatically fill up when you hook up to city water. To help it along you might want to turn on the hot water taps on your bathroom and kitchen sinks when you first hook up to city water.

Once you start getting a steady flow of water coming out it will be safe to actually turn on the hot water heater. You do not want to turn on the hot water heater when it is not full as it will cause damage to the water heater.

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When you are not hooked up to city water you will have to turn on your RV's Water Pump and follow the same procedure as outlined above to fill up the water heater.

Hope this helps.

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