Replacement for this RV

by Jen
(Santa Ana, Ca, USA)

I want to replace this RV

I want to replace this RV

Can you identify this burnt RV - Dolphin Model, 11 footer, propane stove, and refrigerator, completely self-contained, roof-mounted ac unit, sleeps 3 -
what is the make and model number? When did they stop manufacturing this particular RV?

How much can it be replaced for? If it needs to be replaced USED, what is a comparable RV? If it needs to be replaced NEW, what is a comparable RV? See pictures.

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ANSWER: Hi Jen, I am afraid that I am no going to be much help on this. Based on your pictures I cannot tell you what year this RV was made.

What I can tell you is that in all likely-hood this truck camper was made by National RV (which is no longer in business) sometime in the early 70s.

As far as replacement cost etc. I am afraid that I cannot help you with that. Hopefully, some of our visitors can provide you with some additional information on this camper.

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