Rock and Roll Pop-Up Trailer

by Bill Bovee
(Rochester, NY)

Rock and Roll Pop-Up Trailer

Rock and Roll Pop-Up Trailer

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My wife, her father, my brother and I were traveling on a 10-week excursion across the country with my shiny new pop-up camper. This was my first camper and the first time we had used it, so before leaving on our trip, the four of us practiced setting it up and taking it down.

Late one afternoon on about our third day out we checked in at a campground along I-90S. We began our routine, each one having their own responsibility in the setup. One to do the top crank-up, one putting down the levelers/stabilizers and one on each end pulling out the bed slides. Once completed, we all went inside to finish setting up; door, bed canopies, sink, table, stove, etc.

I was working diligently on the smaller bed canvas when my brother asked me to give him a hand with the king bed. He was struggling with the tension rod, so I stepped around my wife and father-in-law who were securing the door in place.

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As I approached that end of the camper, I started sliding downhill and tumbled into and then onto the bed. I remember seeing my brother's feet straight up in the air as I rolled head over heels to the back of the bed. I only had time to see my father come flying over the top of the bed landing on his face. As I lay there stunned, I saw my wife clinging to the door frame with both hands trying desperately to keep from joining us at what was now the lowest point of the unit.

Someone had failed to put down the stabilizers at that end of the pop-up. It was not our finest moment.

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