RV Caravans Tours-Some Considerations - Part 2

by Dan & Lisa Goy
(Surrey, BC)

RV Caravans Tours-Some Considerations - Part 2

RV Caravans Tours-Some Considerations - Part 2

Continued From Part 1

The Horrible

Once again it is all about size. We have heard of an RV Caravan Tour in mainland Mexico a few years ago that was over 75 rigs, they wreaked havoc everywhere they went. This RV caravan plugged up 2 lane highways, brought towns to a complete standstill when driving through them, emptied PEMEX stations at every fuel stop and was more akin to a moving “Train Wreck” on the road than an RV Caravan Tour.

We know WagonMasters can be brutal depending on personalities, skill sets, and experience. Many RV Park owners want nothing to do with RV Caravans because of their negative experience with WagonMasters who have been overbearing, pushy and bullies, acting like they own the park and barking out orders at every opportunity.

RV Caravan can be very frustrating and sometimes dangerous for both those in the caravan and those attempting to get around it on a two-lane highway. Our general rule of thumb is to keep everyone at least 5 seconds apart and for those following to notify us when vehicles arrive at the back and want to pass. We do whatever we can to ensure other vehicles safely and efficiently pass. We have seen RV Caravans bunched together like racers in “Daytona 500”, this is both inconsiderate to other motorists and can cause accidents for everyone concerned.

It can be very ugly to realize that you have signed on to an RV Caravan Tour for a month and one of the RVers is the last person you would ever want to travel with! When you have come across this personality in the past, you have always headed for the exit asap. You know who we are talking about; they have a crisis every day, they monopolize the conversation because they are experts at everything, nothing is ever good enough and they always have a complaint about something. If they have a dog it gets even better! They piddle on your mat, are always out of control, never put a leash and the owner never cleans up. To make matters worse the WagonMasters refuse to take them aside and the group never gets the chance to vote them “Off the Island”. The good news is these kind of RV Caravan experiences are few and far between!

Baja Mexico RV Caravan Tours

There are several operators offering RV Caravan Tours on Baja California Mexico, some have years of experience others are engaged in their first season on Baja. As with all RV Caravan Tours, there is a wide diversity of prices, length of tour and
features, as they say, “There is something for everyone”. As you can imagine the most common question; “Is it safe?” Our standard response is simply “Yes!” We actually feel safer on Baja than in many places on the road in the US and certainly safer than some parts of Surrey and Vancouver. Our children, their partners, and Lisa’s 81-year-old Mom are all joining us on Baja for Christmas this season and we are really looking forward to this. It is safe to sign on and see Baja in RV Caravan, it is safe to join a friend and come to Baja, it is also safe to simply buy a good camping book (Church’s), get a decent map (AAA), join a Baja Travel Club (Discover Baja) visit a helpful resource website (Baja Amigos) and go it alone. As an RVer you really do owe it to yourself to experience this magnificent peninsula.

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At the end of the day there are lots of reasons to take an RV Caravan Tour. For many folks there are just as many reasons not to. What is important to you may or may not be important to another RVer. RV Caravan Tours in general, are available at a wide range of price points and include a real diversity of features and benefits. If your decision is to sign on, make sure you know what you’re signing onto! Ask yourself; do we have really have a clear understanding of what the caravan service is offering to deliver. Review the testimonials and ask if you can speak to someone who has taken the tour. How extensive is the company website? Is it generic or detailed about each day’s activities and schedule? As they say, it is important to “Choose Wisely”.
Submitted by,

Dan & Lisa Goy
Baja Amigos RV Caravan Tours

1-866-999-BAJA (2252)


Other Caravan Companies On Baja

Adventure Caravans

Ron & Juanita Kohn

Adventure Treks
David & Betty Baxley
request@rvadventuretreks.com - http://www.rvadventuretreks.com

Baja Winters Travel Club
John & Becky Smith
info@bajawinters.com - http://www.bajawinters.com

Casi Libre RV Baja Caravans
Brian Ringham (2011/2012 is Casi Libre’s 1st Season on Baja) (
casilibre@hotmail.ca - http://www.rv-camping-baja-california.com

Fantasy RV Tours
Nel Filliger

Vagabundos Del Mar Travel Club
Fred & Gloria Jones
fredjones1@comcast.net - http://www.vagabundos.com

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