RV Cleaning Tips

Cleaning your RV at regular intervals will ensure keeping your ride in tip-top condition 

RV Cleaning Tips

By Danny Smith
CEO and Founder of  Xtend Outdoors Australia

Camping in the RV is what every Aussie prefers the most. There’s a reason behind it. When on the road, hitting the Australian bay, enjoying some fantastic views, RVing allows you to take along the comforts of your home, making the experience easy breezy. 

But here’s the challenging part, you must have experienced that being out in the elements, RVs tend to get dusty, muddy from inside and outside. Which could harm your health as well as take away your peace. Because of such conditions, make sure to clean your RV not only before heading out but even when it is parked. Cleaning in regular intervals will ensure keeping your ride in tip-top condition and even last longer than you thought it would. 

Rinsing, scrubbing the RV might seem like a daunting task, but our tips and tricks could make it an easy, stress-free activity. Here are the tips:

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Tips for Cleaning the RV’s Interior

1. For cleaning the RV floor, use a portable vacuum cleaner. It would thoroughly clean the floor and ensure removing every single particle of dust. Apart from the floor, it could help you clean the dust settled on the large surfaces and even on the smallest part of your vehicle. 

2. Wash and clean the windows of your RV, not only from outside but from inside as well. Often the windows are clouded with dust and get filthy in a short time. You can clean it with a cleaner or use a microfiber cloth

3. Over time, the window and door seals might get dry. Use an RV Rubber Seal Conditioner & Protectant to keep them in good shape. 

4. Nobody likes to come back to a stinky RV. The black and grey water tanks, leftovers in the fridge could be the source of poor odor in the air when you step into the RV. Dispose of any leftovers, flush the holding tanks and clean the fridge for a fresh atmosphere. 

5. Do not forget to change your mattress sheets pads. They are most likely to get grimy, full of sweat in a day or two, which makes the air in your RV quite unpleasant. 

6. Place a doormat outside the RV’s door. Going in and out with the shoes full of muck could make the entire floor messy and dirty. It is advisable to keep your shoes off while in the RV, which will help stop the dirt from entering the RV. 

7. Lastly, after a thorough cleaning, organize your RV like you would organize your home. After all, it is your home on wheels. 

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Tips for Cleaning the RV’s Exterior

1. First, hose down your RV to loosen the layers of dirt and grime on the exterior. 

2. While cleaning the exterior of your RV, ensure using proper, soft long brushes and cleaning products to avoid scratches or any other damage. Also, look at any repair or maintenance requirements

3. Do not forget to scrub off the roof of your RV, a spot where you may find an unseen heap of dust, bird droppings, water puddles, etc. 

4. Often RV owners ignore the black streaks on the exterior, but you cannot afford to do this. The longer they sit, the harder it gets to remove. You can use Xtend Outdoors Camco Black Streak Removerspecially designed to get the black streaks off your RV. 

5. Does your RV have an Awning? Do you know how to clean it? There’s a trick to it. Remove the awning legs. It will fall out after losing the legs and rest straight on the RV’s wall; now, you can scrub the awning faster and stress-free. 

6. Ensure cleaning the leveling jacks and lubricating them if needed; clean and inspect the windshield wipers for damage and replace them if needed. 

7. Last but not least, finish off by making the tires of your RV shine. Clean the tires and use a protectant such as 303 Tire Balm and Protectant. Do not use any tire cleaner that contains petroleum products as they can damage and decrease the life span of your RV’s tires.


Cleaning your RV may lead to scratches, tears, and other damages if not cleaned using proper tools and products made, especially for cleaning the RVs. Use Xtend Outdoors cleaning Products, which are specifically designed to clean and protect RV roofs, walls, awnings.

About The Author

Danny Smith is CEO and Founder of  Xtend Outdoors Australia, which manufactures and sells products designed to clean and protect RV caravan annexes, awnings, and accessories. He loves caravan holidays and frequently blogs about caravanning trips, parks, and tips.

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