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RV Dump Mistake

by Mike
(Olympia, WA)

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RVing Stories Page

My wife and I had a new RV to us and were camped in an area with no sewer. We had water and power and used it more than we should have. I knew our gray water was getting full so I decided to dump some of it as we were leaving the next day or so.

I dug a trench that would divert the water to the bushes as we were not in an area where you could dump gray or black water. Then I decided to pull the T handle out only a little bit to release the water slowly so as not to be noticed as doing something I knew was wrong.

Only realizing I had pulled the wrong handle and could not push it back in fast enough. Gush it did and I was covered with crap head to toe. What a smell.

Every one who came by our rig held their nose. Everyone kept their distance that weekend. Needless to say I labeled the T handles as poop and water.

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