RV Has Power to the Outlets but not to the Refrigerator or Lights!!

by Mark Fournier
(Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada)

My 1991 Terry Resort 22H has been very reliable until last August (2010). All of a sudden, the outlets work but there is no power to the fridge or lights!!

I have tried to look at the circuit box as good as I could, didn't see any frayed wires or anything of that sort, but I am not an electrician by any means!!

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I have tried to reset the GFCI outlet in the bathroom, to no avail!! Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thank you in advance!!

ANSWER: Hi Mark,based on your description, it sounds to me like you have a problem with your RV's Power Converter. When you plug your RV into electric the Converter distributes 120 volt electric to the outlets in your RV. It sounds like this part of the Converter is doing its job.

When plugged into electricity the converter should also take over from your RV's house batteries the job of providing 12 volt DC power to your 12 volt lights and appliances. It sounds like the converter is not doing that part of the job.

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I am assuming that you have checked for blown 12 volt fuses as well as tripped 120 volt circuit breakers. If your RV is equipped with a battery shutoff switch, you may want to check to make sure that the switch is not in the off position as that would also cause the symptoms you are describing.

If all of the above checks out fine then in all likelihood the Power Converter will have to be replaced. Since you admit that you have limited skills as an electrician then this is a job best left to Certified RV Technician. The RV Technician will be able to properly troubleshoot and properly repair the problem.

I hope this information has been helpful.

Happy RVing
RVing Al

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