A Complete Guide to Making Your Old RV Look Like New

Here are some of the best tips for restoring your home on wheels to its former glory

A Complete Guide to Making Your Old RV Look Like New

By Scott Mathews 

Exploring the country and camping in your old RV are just some fun activities for friends and families who like to take their vacations this way. If you’re open-minded and ready, the sense of freedom this manner of travel brings can be a truly life changing experience.

However, even if every scratch and dent in your old RV carries some beautiful memories, in the life of every vehicle comes the time when some restoring is in order.

If you want to make your old RV look like new while still keeping its spirit and doing everything on your own, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some of the best tips for restoring your home on wheels to its former glory.

Comfort comes first: Start with the interior

Although you might feel inclined to start by taking care of the exterior of your RV first, it would be best to resist this urge. Making your vehicle look attractive when seen from the outside is an important step, but not necessarily the initial one. Here is how you should start the renovation process instead.

  1. First things first: Clean your RV thoroughly.Sometimes, when your vehicle wasn’t used for some time, dirt and dust can make it difficult to discover if items inside are worn out and ready for replacement or they just need some polishing to be as good as new. Cleaning your RV will also make it a safe space health-wise.
  2. Once the interior is ready, move up from the very basis: the floors. You can invest money in a new TV mountkitchen appliances, and shower curtain and caps, but  if the floor looks rugged and run-down, even if it’s clean, it will ruin the brand new look of your old, faithful RV.
  3. The next up are the walls. Repainting them will not only refresh the look of the entire interior but will also help keep the space healthy. You could even opt for adding decorative wallpapers on some surfaces, but a good old bucket and paint roller might be a better idea.
  4. Unclogging the toilet and remodeling your RV bathroom will take some time, but will surely pay off once you see the results. Even if you don’t have a huge budget, you can remodel your RV bathroom with under $125 to spare.
  5. Take out the furniture, clean it, and leave it in the sun to dry and freshen up. There’s no need to replace any items if they look pretty good after cleaning. Buy new furniture only if the one you have started to show signs of decay or rust.
  6. To make the space appear bigger, hang up a few mirrors inside your old RV. To give it more life, you can also add a few potted plants and colorful curtains to the windows.

Make the exterior match the interior

A Complete Guide to Making Your Old RV Look Like New

Once the inside of your RV is sparkling clean and looking good, it’s time to move outside. Once again, it all starts with a good wash, after which you can move on to shining up the exterior of your favorite vehicle.

  1. Begin with a thorough paint job. Paying professionals to take care of this chore is a good idea, but if you want to do this on your own or as a joint action with friends or family members, there’s no reason not to give it a go. Whether you decide to go with a single color or go wild with shades and patterns, you will surely have a lot of fun along the way, and your RV will look better than ever.
  2. Raise the profile of your RV by replacing old awnings and slide-out covers. Once again, although it’s a common solution to consult professionals for this, with patience and care, you can do this on your own on one sunny afternoon.
  3. Invest in a high-quality solar panel system. Although this step isn’t necessary to see your old RV restored to its old glory, adding a solar panel on your roof can be a really smart call. Of course, you’ll want to learn all there is to know about RV solar panels before deciding whether you need them or not.


If you’re the type of person who loves RVing so much that, if you could, you’d even drive this magnificent vehicle to work, you surely want your home on wheels to always be in the best possible shape.

Even if your RV has seen some better days and now requires a full remodel, it’s good to know that this is a challenge you can win on your own. With some time and care, your aged recreational vehicle will soon be looking as good as new!

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