10 RV Maintenance Mistakes to Avoid

You can avoid these common RV maintenance mistakes 

10 RV Maintenance Mistakes to Avoid

RV camping has gotten very popular these days and there’s a good reason for it. With an RV, you can enjoy the great outdoors just like traditional camping while bringing all the comforts of your home - such as a full-sized kitchen and a cozy bedroom.

However, to have a smooth and enjoyable RV trip, you need to prepare ahead and avoid common RV mistakes that could lead to costly repairs, inconvenience down the road, and loads of headaches.

Here are 10 RV maintenance mistakes you should avoid:

1. Not weatherproofing your RV


Weatherproofing prevents water from entering your RV and damaging your vehicle. It can also save you lots of money on propane to keep your mobile home warm. Before your trip, seal the windows using silicone caulk. Exterior lights and access panels are also common sources of leaks so make sure to seal them as well.

2. Using your RV fridge like the one          you have at home

RV refrigerators are different from standard home refrigerators which cool quickly using a compressor. RV refrigerators use an entirely different kind of cooling system and actually run on gravity. You shouldn’t keep it on the whole time you’re on the road. Experienced RV campers recommend turning it off when not in use to conserve energy and ensure that it lasts longer.

3. Not covering your RV when off the        road

Covering your RV when it’s parked keeps it protected from elements, such as excessive heat, rain, snow, and sleet which all have a damaging effect on your vehicle. While RV covers are ideal for protecting your trailer off the road, heavy-duty, waterproof tarps can also do the trick.

4. Not fixing water damage issues

Water damage is a serious concern for RV owners. With so many cracks, openings, seams, and moving parts, leaks are inevitable. Check for water damage regularly. Watch out for telltale signs like mold, discoloration, and water dripping.

5. Bringing too much load

10 RV Maintenance Mistakes to Avoid

Many RV campers, especially first-timers, tend to overpack. But overpacking doesn’t just take so much space in your camper. It also adds weight to your camper load and undermines your safety. Check your vehicle manual or label for its Cargo Carrying Capacity (CCC) and stick to it

6. Not checking the tires

Flat tires are the most common problems RV campers encounter on the road. It’s important to get your tires and tire pressures inspected by a mechanic before you go to ensure a smooth and safe ride.

7. Not inspecting your vehicle before        leaving

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Aside from the tires, there are many other things you need to check before your trip. These include the headlights, brakes, and storage compartments. Don’t forget to retract all slides awnings and TV antennas, unplug appliances and electrical items, and disconnect water hoses and other connectors.

8. Not securing your stuff

Secure cabinets, food in the refrigerator, clothing, and devices by organizing them carefully. Use shelf grip waffle matting for the interior of your cabinets and drawers.

9. Cleaning your RV kitchen floor with      flowing water

Doing this can cause corrosion and damage your camper. Instead, use a slightly damp rag or towel to clean surfaces in your RV. 

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10. Using the wrong kind of toilet              paper

Choose RV-friendly (preferably biodegradable) toilet paper that disintegrates easily and doesn’t clog your sewage tank. 

Keeping your RV well-maintained is necessary to avoid accidents and costly repairs. Avoiding these common mistakes is the key to an enjoyable, safe, and comfortable trip

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