5 RV Must Haves for Summer RVing

You need these RV must haves because summer RVing vacations are some of the most memorable times of our lives

Make Summer RVing Better with These RV Must Haves

You need these RV must haves because summer RVing vacations are some of the most memorable times of our lives. Beach days, hanging out by the pool, and having cookouts with friends are a few fun, classic things to do during this time of year; many people love hitting the road in an RV. When you're in a home on wheels, you can park that home in so many places across the country while truly experiencing everything that locations such as the Grand Canyon, Acadia National Park, or the Blue Ridge Mountains have to offer. But what are some RV must haves when traveling in an RV?

1. Clothing for Layering

Summertime weather in the evenings varies all over the country, so depending on where you are, you may need to prepare by wearing layers. For instance, you might pair a t-shirt with a windbreaker, sweatshirt, or wool poncho, depending on your personal preferences and the weather. Bring sandals, sneakers, boots, jeans, athletic pants, and shorts. It's much better to be prepared for the climate than to be without the items that will make you comfortable while on your journey.

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2. Cooking Supplies

Whether you are preparing gourmet meals or not, you'll inevitably need some cooking supplies. Make sure you bring a skillet, a large saucepan, and a casserole dish. If you enjoy baking, you'll need to bring cookie sheets, cake pans, and a hand mixer. Regarding dishes, pack plates, bowls, and silverware for the number of people you'll be traveling with. Bring cooking basics like salt, pepper, garlic powder, olive oil, and non-perishable food items such as boxed pasta, rice, and canned goods. If you do a lot of hiking, bring some meal replacement protein powder for healthy meals on the go.

3. Toiletries

As far as toiletry needs go, everyone is different. Some can get by with just a toothbrush, while others need a wagon to pull their supplies, but no matter what your hygiene and beautifying habits are, make a list so that you won't forget anything. Bring all your regular shower supplies, over-the-counter pain relievers, cold medicine, sunscreen, feminine hygiene products, and any cosmetics you may want while away from home.

4. Toys

If you have children traveling with you, you will want to bring some entertainment. Pack toys tailored to the kids' personalities, ages, and preferences. Bring dolls, blocks, board games, and plenty of art supplies and craft projects. Books are also essential for a road trip, so have some fun reading material. If you'll be visiting pools, beaches, and splash parks, bring appropriate water and sand toys. If the children are old enough, let them pack their own activity bags to ensure that some of their favorite items will get packed.

5. Electronics and Chargers

Depending on your trip, you may be using this time to unplug and become one with nature, but you may also want to catch up on work, talk to loved ones, or relax while playing games on your phone. No matter your vacation goals, always triple-check to ensure you have all the chargers you will need for your electronics. You will definitely want a camera to capture your summer RV adventure memories.

If you make sure that your packing list contains all your RV must haves, you can look forward to an RV trip that will be filled with incredible moments that you and your travel mates will never forget.

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