Creating a Personal RV Road Map

These 5 tips will help you create your personal RV road map

These 5 tips will help you create your personal RV road map

You want to create your personal RV road map because, Recreational vehicles, or RVs, can add a liberating dimension to your life. If you appreciate the concept of road tripping, RVing offers you that same freedom, plus amenities that make you feel as though you're bringing a tiny part of home on the road with you. There are many highways out there leading in all directions, so how does one plan an RV road trip? It's a process that largely depends on your needs and desires. Creating a personal RV Road Map is as simple as figuring out where you want to be and when you want to get there.

1. Generate a List

Before you can create personal RV Road Map, you must begin the logical tasks associated with your trip, you need to polish your vision from hazy to clear. Asking and answering some basic questions can hasten this process and apply the clarity you need to proceed. How long is the trip going to be? What kind of weather and climate do you want to experience? How many hours per day or week do you want to be driving? These are just a few of the questions that will lead to the answers that will ensure your trip is well-planned and relatively stress-free.

2. Be Faithful to Your Budget

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Everything costs a lot these days, and while that's no reason for staying home, it does require that you pay careful attention to money going out. After all, you don't want to be on the other side of the country experiencing financial stresses impacting your travel. Better to generate the distance and duration of your trip with the budget in mind. Consider and monitor fuel and grocery costs, campground rates, tolls, and any other expenses you foresee, like event tickets.

3. Book in Advance

Whether you're considering spending an evening at the Marriott Providence or an RV campground in Colorado, you don't want to roll in without a reservation. There's no reason to risk a no-vacancy when you could have reserved and paid in advance for your accommodations. Booking in advance also helps to preview your route to plan your stops appropriately

4. Consult Your Maps Carefully

The bottom line here is that while RVs are splendid vehicles, they are not cars, and thus, some will work for cars and not for RVs. Your RV's height could get you into trouble if you end up on a road with an overpass that's not high enough to scoot under. Propane restrictions for bridges and tunnels could apply, too. While traveling, be consistent with checking for construction and congestion. For instance, you don't want to be inching an RV through the tiny, overwhelmed downtown section of Bar Harbor in July. Keeping tabs on your route can save you traffic-related headaches such as stop-and-go traffic that will waste fuel. 

5. Include The Events You Want to Attend

There may be things you want to get to or people you want to see on your RV trip. These dates will need to be added to your trip planning. You can't meet your friends at an RV park in Florida, then be at the Grand Canyon the following day to check into your site at the campground. It can be easy to lose track of these details unless they are planned in advance. If there are concerts or festivals that you want to experience, or even seasons, geological or atmospheric events that you want to get to, pencil them into your RV road map.

There's a reason why people all over the country hop in their RVs and hit the road; it's fun, exhilarating, and, perhaps above all, an extraordinarily comfortable way to travel. Planning a route that's based on your budget, needs, and desires is the trick to spending your time enjoying the moment instead of worrying about what's coming at your tomorrow.


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