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RV Sewer Dump Disaster Label Maker Will Assure I Never DO This Again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by Label Maker

(Editor's Note This story was submitted on our Tell Us Your Funny Camping Or RVing Story Page)

Me and my Wife just bought a family owned Winnebago. I have never camped in any type of camper other than tent camping.

Our First Trip we Scheduled to go to Knoebels in Pennsylvania, It's a Family Owned Amusement Park and Absolutely the Best especially for Kids, Awesome Wooden Roller Coasters. No admission, Free Parking, Cheap tickets and full day passes, any ways we spent three days there and then left for my Big Weekend at the first Penn State Football Game.

Well I filled my reserve/holding tanks and I have to admit I am hooked on the whole Motor Home thing. We set up fairly easy, I worked the outside she did the inside.

We broke down well and left for Penn State. There were 700+ Motorhome at the game; amazing way to learn about RVing and decking them out.

Well we dry camped for the weekend and monitored our tanks for showering and bathroom use.

I left on Sunday Afternoon and about an hour into the ride I stopped to top off the fuel tanks as I was running my Generator for air and to get some good loaded hours on it.

After we fueled up I saw an RV dealer and thought hey why don't I stop in and see if they have a dumping station. They were closed, now I found myself in an empty Industrial park and thought Hey why Don't I empty at the very least my grey tank to help with gas mileage to drop some weight 40 gallons of water.

I pulled up to a loading dock of some company hopped out looked at my tanks and saw two marked sewage and sewage something. I pulled the sewage water lever and orange fluid came out and I thought that looks like the orange scent packs I put in my toilet.

I almost passed out next because I saw white paper and a huge turd coming flying out followed by another 30 40 . I began gagging and jumping around to avoid the splash, i began yelling to my wife for wet wipes. And the smell was well you know helatious. I was panicking that somebody was going to see and report me and I would be fined. After the mayhem stopped i obviously emptied my grey tank to wash it down, my god it was one of the foulest sights I’ve seen!!!!!!!!!!

Needless to say after laughing at myself and kicking my wife, because i had to blame somebody..!!!

I was not home 10 minutes from our first trip when I had my label maker in hand and properly labeled the tanks; "shit pipe" & "dirty water."

I think also at knoebels when I was pulling my levers I never knew what was coming out.

Anyways I now love our motorhome and over the campfire and beer this story never gets old. By the way yes I was severely hung over when this occurred.

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