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RV Shows
Your Fix for the Wintertime RV Blues

"An RV show is also a great place to just talk with other RVers"

RV Shows Your Fix for the Wintertime RV Blues

RV Shows, Your Fix for the Wintertime RV Blues
By: Mark Polk

It's always a bit depressing to park the motorhome, with no plans to use it for two or three months. It's sort of like when football season ends, or Survivor ends and you need to wait several months for the next season to begin.

What I discovered will help you through these rough times is to attend some RV shows. You might need to park the RV for the winter but that doesn't mean you can't think about RV's, look at RV's, or plan the next trip in your RV. RV shows offer the avid RVer a fix to get through the wintertime blues. You don't need to be in the market for a new RV to attend an RV show.

It's a lot of fun to just look at all the new RV models coming out, and to dream a little bit. If you're not shopping for an RV just be careful and keep reminding yourself that you're only there to look. With all of the excitement, not to mention a good salesperson, it's easy to make a hasty buying decision.

There is a lot of ground to cover at an RV show and a wealth of information available. RV shows aren't just for RV dealers to showcase their new products. RV shows are a great source of information from knowledgeable representatives, on every aspect of the RV industry. You will find lots of information on campgrounds, RV resorts and new destinations you can visit. You will get to see a wide variety of RV aftermarket products and accessories available for RVers, and many times there will be some great RV seminars you can attend.

RV shows are a good place to talk to RV manufacturer representatives and other industry experts. Many of the RV manufacturers send knowledgeable representatives to assist RV dealers with their products. This is a good opportunity to ask any questions you might have about a particular RV brand or model. RV shows are also a great place to just talk with other RVers. Many of these people have years of RV experience and knowledge of different RV related products.

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So what are you waiting for? Find out when the next RV show will be in your area and make it a point to attend. This can be just the RV fix you need until it's time to take your RV out of storage for another great camping season. Oh, and don't forget to wear some comfortable walking shoes too!

Happy Camping,

Copyright 2006 by Mark J. Polk owner of RV Education 101

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