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Places to Empty RV Waste Tanks

An RV dumping its waste at an RV dump station

Emptying RV waste is a chore that no one wants to do, but it must be done

By Floyd's RV

Emptying RV waste is a chore that no one wants to do but it must be done. The system is gravity fed and can be quite messy, to say the least. Dumping the gray water tank after the black water eliminates some of the mess, but without a hose and a way to rinse the system, wearing gloves is a good thing. However, before you even get to that part of the job, you must find a place to empty the tank.

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Places To Empty RV Waste

Home: You can always empty your gray and black water tanks into your septic at home, however, you could run into a problem if the septic is not easily accessible. If this is the case, you can purchase a macerator pump. The pump chops up any solids that are in the tank, so they are small enough to feed through a small hose. The pump then pumps the macerated RV waste through the hose and into the septic. Depending on the brand, you can pump the tanks from your driveway to the septic a couple hundred feet away. You can even pump uphill.

Transfer Tank: If you have a fifth wheel or a towable, you can stow a transfer tank in the bed of the tow vehicle. Using a macerator pump, pump the septic into the transfer tank, then travel to a dump site to empty the transfer tank. This is preferable to hooking up the RV and toting out to a dump station when you are staying in one place for several days.

Travel Centers: Some travel centers have RV dump stations. Many are free but check before you dump as to the cost. Welcome centers also have dump stations. Once you find a dump station, write it down for the next time you travel through the area — not all travel centers and welcome centers have dump stations.

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Campgrounds: Some campgrounds allow those traveling through the area to use their dump stations. Always ask before dumping to be sure the campground you chose allows this and that there is no fee.

Parks: Some parks also have dump stations if they offer camping. Check ahead of time for fees — sometimes the parks will charge up to $5 if you are not a camper, but if you are staying there, you can dump your tanks for free.

Sporting Goods Stores: Check with sporting stores, such as Cabela’s. Sometimes they will have a dump station. Check ahead of time for fees, though according to RVdumps, the Cabela’s in East Hartford, Connecticut is free.

Wastewater Treatment Plants: Some wastewater treatment plants have a dump station. Again, check ahead of time to be sure the wastewater treatment plant in your area has a dump station and whether there is a fee. You should also check their hours. For example, the wastewater treatment plant in Manchester, New Hampshire (on Brown Ave.) is free, but it is closed on the weekends.

Gas Stations: Some gas stations offer a dump station but check the fees. A Mobil in Lincoln, New Hampshire has a dump station, but they charge a $5 fee and are open 5:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. every day.

A Kwik Stop in Lancaster also has a dump station, but according to RVdumps, they charge $10.

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RV Dealerships: Check with RV dealerships for a dump station. These places may be open only during business hours. The dump station may be at a dealership across the street. For example, Brookesville, Florida has a car dealership and an RV dealership with the same name: Register Chevrolet and Register RV. The dump station, according to RVdumps is at the Chevrolet dealership. This dealership doesn’t have a fee but is only available while the dealership is open.

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