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RV Water Pump Runs But Does Not Pump Water

by Gene
(Reno, NV)

I just recently dewinterized my fifth wheel, now the water pump will not cycle. The pump runs but there is no pressure. It pumps a combination of air and water. I hooked up city water to the system and thought I purged the lines but that did not help.

ANSWER: Greetings Gene thanks for submitting your question on our Ask An RV Question Page.

I am going to start off with the obvious first question. Are you positive that your fresh water holding tank has got water in it? Your RV Water Pump gets its water directly from fresh water tank and not from city water connection. If the tank does not have sufficient water in it the pump will not be able to pump water or will pump a combination of air and water.

If you have water in the fresh water tank then we know that the problem is located somewhere between the suction side of the water pump and the fresh water holding tank. The problem could be a loose connection at the water pump, a cracked or kinked water supply hose between the tank and the pump that is causing the pump to suck air.

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The problem could also be a clogged Inline Water Filter between the fresh water tank and the suction side of the pump. There could also be an inline shutoff valve that is closed.

Lastly the problem could be with the water pump itself not creating enough suction to prime the pump. The pump itself could have a bad seal or gasket or an internal problem. In this case the RV water pump would have to be rebuilt (if a rebuild kit is available for your brand and model pump) or replaced.

I hope this helps.

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Faced simialr issue
by: Yoganand Gadekar

We had similar issue with our pump. It wouldn't pump the water despite running. We couldn't do much, had to spend few bucks in getting it repaired. Looks like the service person didn't do much but was able to get it working for us.

Water pump problem
by: Anonymous

My problem is after I move the coach water pump will not pump.there is water in the tank and I hear pump running.only a little water and air comes out.after starting to fill tank pump will start working.everything worked before moving coach Thought at first tank was empty but it's not.only happens after coach is moved.I have to top up tank to get it started again.When parked pump will empty tank completely

water pump cure
by: MT

Harry Rorick's fix worked for me. Thanks Harry for the information.

water pump cure
by: Harry Rorick

i'am a full time rver and i have had the same problem. my fix is to make sure you have water in fresh water tank, then turn on the city water on,then run a little city water. turn your water pump on. shut the city water off. pump water from your water pump. there is a one way valve that allows water from only one sorce that sticks sometimes. it works for me every year.

My water pump runs and runs
by: Anonymous

My water pump runs and runs finally shutting off after a minute or so each time we flush or turn on/off a faucet (the kitchen faucet dribbles (whether pump is on or off)no matter how tight the handles are shut off.) When external, city water is hooked up the kitchen hot or cold does not dribble. but has much more force when on. The connection to the water tank is clear, there's suction on the pump input with the input hose removed, i can feel it with my finger tip.
The pump shuts off after a minute or two, we try the toilet, it's a weak flush. We run the sink water a little greater than a dribble.
Again, when hooked to a hose the pressure and faucets work great.
Sorry this is difficult to read but it goes off page so I can't see what I typed, its under the ads margin both sides.

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