RVing Is Dad's Dream

by Anonymous

RVing is Dad's Dream

RVing is Dad's Dream

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So why do I love RVing? It allows my father and me to spend quality time together. We travel around for weeks at a time and I work from the RV. It gets us out of the house and around the US seeing all the wonderful sites. It is a bonding experience between you and your co-pilots that will bring many memories for your lifetime.

Since I was a young lad my father tormented me with when I graduated high school him and my mom were going to get an RV and I would never see them again. Well the best laid plans do not always come to fruition. My mother passed away a few years ago and my father is disabled and needed assistance. So I changed jobs to one where I could work from home so I could tend to him.

Last year, knowing of his dream I bought a motor home and we began carrying out his dream. By the end of this year we will have visited over half of the states in the US. I was doing this for him, but truly under estimated what I would get out of it. It is an amazing adventure as you travel down the road to your next destination. Where are you going to stop along the way? You find things that you normally would never see in your lifetime. You see history and get to visit small towns where everyone is nice.

Rving is an adventure that I will continue to do for my lifetime.

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Great post
by: Don T

I loved being taken camping in a tiny old trailer when I was a kid. Took our kids camping across the country (plus Canada) for many years. These were favorite times for all of us. Your story brought tears to the eyes of this crusty old fart.

Great idea
by: Gordon

Your Dad must be so proud of you to take time out of your life to spend it with him. Not many kids would do that. My question is what kind of a job do you have that allows you to do that? That is my problem is finding something to do while mobile to support the rving habit.

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