RVing Tip - Saving Water While RVing

by Walt
(Cortez Co)

RVing Tip - Saving Water While RVing

RVing Tip - Saving Water While RVing

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There is a product called No Rinse body wash as a nurse I have used this a lot. Now Wife and I are full timers and this works great 4 caps full to a quart of hot water can give you a full body bath including Hair. Leaves skin clean and odor free.

We Still like our showers but for extended stays to help save water it is great. It is used by NASA. One 16 oz bottle makes 16 complete baths. Most pharmacies can order it for you. 3 gals costs approx $100.00.

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You missed on the math
by: Anonymous

The article says 1 bath per once. $100 for 3 gallons works out to 384 baths. I simply do "Navy" showers and use less than a gallon per time. You can also do a sponge bath and use very little water.

16 baths for $100?
by: Tom

I'm not so sure that makes any financial sense. If you figure that you can take a bath with regular soap and a few gallons of water. We will use 3 gallons as a minimum -- but it could be less.

Using regular soap and about half a gallon you can clean most of your body, using the other gallon to rinse off, you now have 2 gallons for your hair. Using the same technique, there you go. Sometimes you may want slightly more rinse water, etc but for the majority of it 3 gallons or less and your good. If you can't obtain around 50 gallons (or drain and refill your tanks) and obtain soap and use the remainder of $100 or less in fuel you're most likely so remote that it wouldn't matter much anyway.

Am I missing something here?

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