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RVing Tip: Setup Your RV the Easy Way

by Gerry Dewees
(Pleasanton, CA 94566, USA)

Setup Your RV the Easy Way

Setup Your RV the Easy Way

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For years of RVing I've wondered why the first thing I see people do when they pull into a site with an RV is to get out their sewer hoses! Why? They don't look nice and the more they are exposed to the sun the sooner they will become brittle and split open doing an unpleasant number on your best shoes!

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What I have done for years is to only level up and plug in our electrical plug when we setup. It takes five minutes tops. Then I get right to the good stuff!(Happy Hour!) When I'm ready to dump the tanks THAT'S the time I drag out the sewer hose! (Also I flush it out thoroughly before I put it away)

Also for those who like to connect up to the outside water supply, I would suggest that you consider that your rig probably has plastic pipes that are happier with the lower pressure supplied by most onboard water pumps than the higher commercial water pressure at the on-site water tap. (I only use the outside water supply to refill my water tank and I have never had an onboard water leak as most of our friends have!) This also simplifies the setup procedure.

Hope this helps you to get more enjoyment out of your RVing.

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Level your RV-Camper
by: Carlton

When you get set up at a site, do try to level your RV or camper, etc. as if you have any electrical/mechanical equipment, toilets, batteries, pumps, slide-outs, air conditioners, etc. they were designed to operate in a level position. So if you do not have auto levelers, just use a carpenters level, get the front to rear level, then the side to side. You can use the plastic drive on leveling blocks, are carry a few wooden blocks, but leveling your machine is best for numerous reasons.

Information overload
by: Gritty Gray GooseAnonymous

Thanks for the practical post. I just completed my maiden camping experience. Sewer hookup first was listed in many articles. I didn’t mainly because the "fits any..." attachment didn’t fit the old iron pipe. One piece I read emphasized the importance of sufficient water in tanks to help with the breakdown.
Power first makes so much sense; refrigerator, fans, AC....

by: JoJo

Great tip Romano.

Great Advice
by: Romano

We are new to RVing and I have a lot of questions.

Thank you for your post.

Water pressure.
by: Ellie

We have always used a pressure regulator on our water line to make sure we don't put too much water pressure through our lines in the RV. This keeps the lines safe and saves our water pump.

by: Anonymous

Glad to read this b/c I'm a first time owner of an older MH. I'm looking forward to our first trip. This was helpful and now I hope not to look like a fool on my first time....haha.

No Fuss No Mess
by: Gordon

This is the way I have been RVing for years as I don't have a toad, we have a Leisure Travel Camper Van. By not hooking up everything at the camp sites we can be mobile in a few minutes. I just fill the fresh water when needed and dump the black and grey tanks when needed. No fuss no mess.

can I hit the "like" button on this tip?

Very good points. I am happy to find friendly advice and not just to try to sell products. How refreshing.

Awesome tip!
by: Norma

This is my maiden voyage in my very first MH and I love this tip! I was all freaked out about getting everything set up right, but I KNOW I can hook up the electric. Thanks!!

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