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RVing vs Camping
Which One Should You Choose?

What's best for you? RVing or Camping?

RVing vs Camping Which One Should You Choose

RVing vs Camping Which One Should You Choose?

By Luna Anderson

Everyone loves to travel economically and enjoy nature at the same time. 

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The differences between RVing and camping might be confusing for a lot of people, especially beginners.

The information below will outline the differences between Camping and RVing.

Tent camping

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RVing vs Camping Which One Should You Choose?

Photo above Via: https://pixabay.com/en/camping-tent-fire-summer-outdoors-1289930/ under Creative Common license

Tent camping is the original way of camping outside in nature. There are many kinds of tents and tent camping equipment that will fill the needs of tent campers. Why would you want to set up a tent? The answers are straightforward.

1. Tent camping has that charming ‘get-away’ factor

The ultimate goal of tent camping is to stay close to nature and enjoy the tranquil moments of life.

When tent camping, you can leave behind all the modern technology. There is no need to check out what is on the television or the internet every day.

All you need to do is to step outside of your tent and enjoy the gorgeous beauty of your surroundings.

2. Extremely inexpensive and easy to setup

It is very easy to purchase a tent at a reasonable price. You can buy a new tent or shop around for a great price on a used tent. 

If you want to enjoy the lifestyle of living near nature right away without spending a lot of time planning, you can immediately get a family tent and pack it in the back of your car.

You do not need to be a Rocket Scientist to set up a tent successfully.  There are many tents available that are easy to setup and breakdown.  Most tents come with detailed instructions.


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RVing vs Camping Which One Should You Choose?

Photo above Via: https://pixabay.com/en/rv-outdoor-mobile-home-2485774/ under Creative Common license

The definition of RVing below will help you understand why RVing is so popular.

RV stands for Recreational Vehicle, which is a trailer or a motor vehicle that contains living quarters with all the the necessary equipment for basic living.

There are various types of RVs, such as Motor homes, Trailers, Truck campers, etc.

Each RV usually includes features such as a living area with a sofa or couch, a fully equipped kitchen, a bathroom, and one or more sleeping areas. 

There are some RVs that are fully equipped with items such as air conditioning, satellite dishes, water heaters and furnaces for winter, etc.

An RV is a “Home on Wheels” that you can take with you.

That is why the lifestyle of RVing has become more and more popular, especially for people who love to travel economically.

Below is the list of the benefits of RVing:

1. RVs create a balance of living

Many people live in a crowded environment for their entire life. And they want to unwind in nature and enjoy a slower pace of life. 

The RV Lifestyle is the perfect answer for the outdoor lover who is looking to get away from it all, but still want to have the  conveniences of a modern home. 

Most importantly, you can still enjoy nature while being able to sleep in your own bed every night.

You pick the location that you want to go to and you can spend as much time as you want at that destination.

2. RVing still saves you money and you are more comfortable than staying in a tent

RVing saves you a lot of money when you compare it to other forms of travel, because you are not paying for Air Fare, Luxury hotels and expensive Restaurants, which are getting more expensive every day. 

An RV takes you to your destination, acts as your hotel room, and allows you to cook your own meals.  Because you are saving all of this money, you can now make the decision to go out and eat at one of those expensive restaurants more often. 

Statistics show that families who travel by RV as opposed to conventional travel can save up to 62 percent, while a couple can save between 10 and 50 percent.

3. You do not have to give up any comfort while RVing

Modern RVs have all the conveniences and comfort of your home, which allows you to live, travel and even work while on the road.

You can easily set up internet inside your RV thanks to the advancement of wireless and satellite data.

Because most modern RVs are completely self-contained, you can park it in rural locations, where there are no water or electrical hookups, this is known as “boondocking”.  You can use a generator to provide electricity to your RV while boondocking.  If you want to be eco-friendlier you can install Solar Panels to provide electricity to your RV.

Which one to choose?

Below is a comparison chart that should help you make a decision on whether Tent Camping or RVing is the right option for you.

RVing vs Camping


Tent Camping


Most Cost-Effective


• A new tent costs far less than a RV


• Higher cost for a new or used RV.

• Higher fuel costs

Easier to find a place to camp


• Tents require an area that allows tent camping


• Most RVs are fully self-contained, so wherever you park your RV becomes your camping area, this includes parking areas such as rest areas, Walmart  parking lots, etc.

Utility Connections


• Tents do not have built in utility connections for, Water, Electric, Sewer, etc.


• Most RVs are fully self-contained, and include full hookups (water, electric, sewer), plus air conditioning, heating, private bathroom, kitchen, television, etc

Protection against the elements


• Tents do no include, doors, windows, solid walls, solid floors, solid roof, heating, air conditioning, insulation, Protection from Wildlife, etc.


• RVs are basically, homes on wheels that provide the same protections from the elements that your house does.

• Because of the sturdy construction of an RV it provides protection against wildlife

Comfortable bed to sleep at night


• Sleeping in a sleeping bag on an air mattress in a hot, muggy, cold, damp tent is not the same as sleeping on a king or queen- sized bed inside a temperature-controlled RV environment


• An RV includes; Beds, environmental controls such as heating and air conditioning

Freedom to enjoy nature with your friends and family



The choice of tent camping or camping in an RV is entirely yours. If you want to get as close to nature as you can and only need very basic living necessities, then tent camping is for you.

If you want to enjoy nature, but once you are done exploring you want to have all of the conveniences of your home, then RV camping should be your choice.

About The Author

Luna Anderson is an avid camper from Phoenix, Arizona. She loves the outdoors and she wants to share her love and camping experiences with other people. You can find practical tips about hiking, camping and survival skills on her blog https://hikertrack.com/

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