RVing with Hungry Skunks

by Linda Stewart
(Fort Worth, Texas)

 RVing with Hungry Skunks

RVing with Hungry Skunks

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While in the remote area of "Caprock Canyon State Park" my husband BOB & I had just pulled in our RV spot for a week & decided to cook some pork chops on a charcoal campfire before we turned in.

I gathered up a tablecloth & potato salad, beans I made before we left home to bring to the outdoor table. As soon as the pork steaks went on the grill the smell attracted a family of 6 skunks of all sizes. They came out of the desert shrubs from all directions.

I could see through my panic they had done this before to campers because they were almost polite. They gathered around but not too close & kind of wandered around like cats would do. Meanwhile,

I told my husband when it was time to eat I was in no way going to eat at that picnic table. As soon as the meat was done & he uncovered the grill, the smell was all it took for them to come in a little closer. I got a plate & filled it with my salad, beans & pork chop & told Bob I will see you later. He said; " Where are you going?" I said I am going to sit on the 5th wheel steps & eat so I can run inside if they show up under the picnic table which was about 50 ft. away from the RV. So he sat down at the table to eat facing me but the skunks would not get near him. They kept their distance.

I was about 1/2 way through eating on the RV steps when Bob looked over & said: "Hey Linda, You might want to come over here cause you have company behind you." Un be known to me here came a momma skunk under the 5th wheel & stopped under the steps I was sitting on with her 3 babies running around the steps. I jumped up & slung beans, my plate, silverware, potato salad & a good size portion of Pork tenderloin on the ground.

Before I could open the RV door they were all over the foot of the steps eating it all & my husband was having the best laugh of his life! Scared the Bejesus out of me. The skunks never did spray at us. They were just wanting an easy meal.

What a memory!

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How funny!
by: Anonymous

I gather hungry skunks coming to campfires happens. We are at a park in upstate New York and the owner mentioned exactly that! Seems there have been skunks 'show up' at campfires in the past. Although campers thought they were cute, the owner says one good spray and the fun would be over. This year, he has a skunk that has 'nested' under his propane shed. In my world,pretty smart skunk to nest there. Who would detect it with the smell of the propane?

Terrific Story!
by: Al D

What a terrific and funny story! I've often wondered if any RVers had ever encountered skunks. Your story was the first time I've heard about skunks around the campground. I'm glad you posted it!

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