RVs Are Good for the Environment

"A large proportion of RVs - much higher than the proportion of houses - use solar power"

RVs Are Good for the Environment

By Randall Eaton

The cheapest (and most environmentally friendly) way to travel is by RV:

A recent survey was taken of over 2,000 RVers. 78% thought RVing was the cheapest way to travel compared to renting a hotel room. High fuel prices are having an effect and most said they would take shorter trips, travel less miles and stay in places for longer times. 94% said, overall, they thought they used less energy living in an RV compared to living in a house.

Solar Power

A large proportion of RVs - much higher than the proportion of houses - use solar power and more and more RV manufacturers are incorporating energy saving features into their RVs.

Class B Solar RV

The RVing industry is growing and changing

“The leading edge of the baby boom generation has just entered their prime retirement ages, and the number that retire will accelerate over the next decade,” said Dr. Richard Curtin, Director of Surveys at the University of Michigan. “Moreover, the RV industry has been successful in attracting younger buyers.” They also predict:

  • There will be a change toward more energy-efficient RVs
  • There will be a change toward more age-friendly features
  • There will be a change toward more upscale destination campgrounds

Getting better

Books Available by the Author of This Article Randall Eaton

RVs are rising in popularity. RV manufacturers however, have to compete not only for new business, but also repeat business, and for customers who will recommend their RV Lifestyle to friends and family. And so even though RVing is becoming more popular, it's becoming more about market share, competitiveness and continuous improvement. This will inevitably lead to better and better RVs, with more carefully chosen and more reliable components.

There is an increase in competitiveness in all manufacturing industries because of:

  • Improvements in manufacturing methods
  • Rapid advances in technology
  • Globalization

Because of this, manufacturers are having to find new ways to design, produce, sell and deliver their products - and this can only benefit RVers and the environment in the long run.

Reducing Formaldehyde in RVs

There are many benefits to owning an RV but one problem the industry is having is reducing the amount of formaldehyde in the interior of RVs. Many RV manufacturers have realized that this is an issue and are starting to incorporate different types of materials that don’t release formaldehyde gases. Everybody is talking about using, “GREEN” materials and the RV industry is starting to take notice. Newer models today release less formaldehyde gas as compared to older models. It’s getting better but the industry still has a ways to go in this area.

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