Sadie The Raccoon Hunting Scottish Terrier Terrorizes Drunk Camper

by Bob Henry
(Linden IN )

Sadie The Raccoon Hunting Scottish Terrier Terrorizes Drunk Camper

Sadie The Raccoon Hunting Scottish Terrier Terrorizes Drunk Camper

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Sadie, our Scottish terrier, is our camping buddy in our tiny 5 x 10 teardrop trailer.

Fall camping and well into the night’s slumber, she went berserk, bouncing around on top of us and barking. Half awake and miffed, I opened a door, and she was off like a shot. A moment later, as I became fully awake, I evaluated this momentary act of stupidity. I have just let a black dog loose into a blacker night in an all but full state campground. Can anyone help me say DUH!

Well, short of wandering aimlessly and bellowing out her name at 2 AM, all I could do was stoke up the fire in hopes she can see me by the firelight and just wait. I listened for the tinkle of her tags with restless anticipation. All I hear is a group of young men laughing, punctuated with the occasional clink of a beer bottle being discarded. I hear a raucous explosion of laughter once and then back to their normal routine.

Thankfully about 20 minutes later, here comes the little monster appearing at my elbow from the dark, scaring the bejeebers out of me. I scooped her up and tossed her into the trailer, and we went back to sleep.

The next morning the group we were camping with told tales of raided coolers and missing pots pans and bags of this and that left out. However the raiding raccoons left us untouched and I think it was because we had our "guard" dog.

Well, my tale doesn't end here.
Mid-morning, a young man, heading to the camp shower passes by and says, "Hi Sadie" the wife and I looked puzzled but failed to react. It happened again with a second fellow passing through, and we were both left scratching our heads.

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As a third fellow approached, I was ready; as he greeted Sadie, I asked: "How do you guys know my dog?" He proceeds to tell me the story of Kevin a bit drunk and slumbering in his camping recliner. I must digress a bit. I met Kevin later, and we are both big boys and to further clarify, Sadie and I are often in the recliner together watching TV or napping. It seems she mistook Kevin for me and launched into his lap as he slept soundly in his camping recliner.

The raucous laughter I had heard the night before was retold to me as Kevin woke up squealing like a little girl when this unknown dog (Sadie) jumped into his lap just before he overturned the recliner and came up spitting sod. It took me 4 minutes of tear-filled laughter to draw a breath. I could see it all happening in slow motion. It seems they had read her ID tag that we have on her collar with her name, address, and phone # and the mystery was solved.

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Hilarious Story!
by: Newby Fun Resorts

This story absolutely made our day! Very funny and cute dog. At least she is sociable!

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