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Should I Cover The Roof and Put Travel Trailer on Concrete Blocks During Winter Storage

by Gary


I live in Canada and we get lots of snow. Should I put a tarp or cover on the roof to protect it during the winter. Also, it's going to be stationary for approx 5 years. Should I put it up on concrete blocks? (2006 Jayflight 31ft BHS travel Trailer).

ANSWER: Hi Gary the first thing that I suggest that you do is read the article Winterizing Your Motorhome to get going on the basics of winterizing.

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As far as covering your Travel Trailer with a tarp or cover. I would strongly suggest that you use a cover that is designed for RVs rather than a tarp.

I am a firm believer in covering your RV whenever it is not in use for 2 weeks or more. Properly designed and installed RV Covers and RV Tire Protectors will protect your RV regardless of what time of year it is.

Covering your RV protects it from the harmful effects of the sun, rain, wind, snow, etc. which can prolong that new RV look that everyone loves. All the rubber items on your RV such as tires, slide out seals, etc. are covered slowing their deterioration. Having to replace RV Tires due to dry rot is expensive. So, the cost of buying a good quality RV Cover more than pays for itself after using it for a couple of seasons.

When looking for an RV Cover you should shop around. Here are a few places that I suggest that you look.

Camping World

RV Covers From Amazon

eBay has a huge selection of RV Covers

Putting your Travel Trailer on blocks during storage will not hurt anything, but most importantly you need to cover the tires with properly fitting tire covers to isolate them from the elements. Just a heads up here, even with the tire covers, you may end up having to replace the tires as many Tire Manufacturers, RV Manufacturers and expert RVers recommend that RV tires over 5 years old should be replaced even if tire wear or damage is not visible ( this is due to the chemical makeup of the tire and we are not going to go into a lengthy discussion here as to why this is needed, but keep this in mind when you bring your travel trailer out of winterization.

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Happy RVing

RVing Al

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