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Should I Keep the Windows and Vents Open On My RV When it's Covered?

by Bob
(Phoenix, Az)

Why You Should Keep the Vents & the Windows Closed on your RV During Storage

Why You Should Keep the Vents & the Windows Closed on your RV During Storage

I live in Phoenix, Az and am going to cover my travel trailer when not using it (both summer & winter months). Should I leave the windows and vents open for better air circulation purposes?

ANSWER: Well Bob, this one is actually up to your personal preference. Some RV Experts say to keep all windows and vents closed during storage and others state that if you have a covered vent such as a MaxxAir vent type cover on your RV that you can safely keep the vent open whether you use an RV cover or not.

Personally I believe in keeping all windows and vents closed on RVs during storage whether they are covered or not. In my opinion this makes the RV more secure, keeps dust down and keeps insects and rodents out of the RV especially if the RV is not covered during storage.

If the RV is stored outside with no cover even an open covered vent can let water in during a wind driven rain storm.

Since your RV is going to be covered keeping the windows and vents open will not circulate a lot of air in the RV. If you are concerned about smells and odors building up in the RV during storage you should read the answer I gave to the question Do You Have Some Tips On Storing An RV In Arizona For The Summer?

Since you live in Phoenix you are probably going to be storing and covering your RV during the Arizona Monsoon Season which runs from June 15th through September 30th. Arizona experiences more severe weather than many other states during monsoon season. There is a good chance for a lot of rain and humidity and keeping vents and windows open will allow more of the humidity to get into the inside of the RV.

The monsoon season in Arizona also produces some very nasty sand/dust storms known as Haboobs that are similar to the major dust and sand storms that were experienced in the Southern Plains during the 1930's Dust Bowl. Even with a good RV cover keeping windows and vents open will allow a lot of that fine dust to coat the inside of your RV.

Again, I am sure that some other RVers will leave some comments on this topic giving you some very good reasons why you should keep some vents and windows open during storage.

Hope this information helps.

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Happy RVing

RVing Al

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