Should I Purchase a Used Holiday Rambler Endeavor?

by Julie Moore
(Rock Hill, SC, USA)

I am in the process of possibly purchasing a 1998 Holiday Rambler Endeavor & need to know the availability of parts for this unit. The unit we are looking at currently has the "check engine" light is on & the awning that is located over the super-slide, the spring has sprung & want to know if parts are available to fix these items.

ANSWER: Greetings Julie thanks for submitting your question on our Ask An RV Question Page.

Let me start off by addressing the Check Engine Light being on. Usually a Check Engine light being on means that you may have some problems with smog related components on the engine.

Depending on the actual engine component that is malfunctioning; it can cause the engine to run badly or inefficiently or possibly cause damage to the engine if it is not fixed in a timely manner. Again, depending on the problem with engine the repairs could be very costly.

As far as parts availability is concerned; most RV parts are generic in nature and readily available. The exception to this would be exterior body parts such as storage doors, graphics, decals, etc. But with a little bit of searching even these replacement parts can be found.

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Since you are already finding problems with this Motorhome, I would suggest very strongly that you do a complete Used RV Inspection on this Motorhome before making your final purchasing decision. Please visit our Used RV Inspection Page to get an idea of what else you need to be inspecting on this RV.

This inspection can save you money in the long run and may also give you an edge in negotiating a fair price on this RV based on the problems you find and rest assured you will find some additional problems.

I hope this helps.

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response to ? about holiday rambler
by: Anonymous

how about a 1993 deisel gulfstream scenic cruiser? don't buy slide out model. too many problems. 210-342-2895 for more advice.

1998 Holiday Rambler Endeavor
by: Anonymous

I currently own a 1998 35' Holiday Rambler Endeavor diesel pusher and am more than satisfied with it. I have owned it for a little over 3 years and am the second owner. My wife and I live in the unit. It has one slide, which I would like another, but this unit, as I said, does not have it. I have had quite a bit of work done on the unit and have not had any problems finding what I needed to repair what needed repaired. Most of the work I have had done was on the engine, but I have repaired a few items myself, again finding no problem finding parts.
As for your awning needing re-coiled, it should not be that expensive as long as you shop around to find a fair labor facility if you don't plan to repair it yourself.
Should you have any questions on your unit, please feel free to contact me with questions and I will give you any info I have available.

John Petry Sr

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