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Should I run my RVs water pump when the motorhome is hooked up to city water?

by Dan

Should one run the water pump when hooked up to city water?????



ANSWER: Greetings Dan thanks for submitting your question on our Ask An RV Question Page.

No, you should not run the RV's fresh water pump when hooked up to city water. The city water system should provide sufficient water pressure for your RV's fresh water system. The pump is designed only to pump water out of your RV's fresh water holding tank when you are not hooked up to city water.

There are three basic items you need to make sure that your RV's fresh water will work properly and safely when hooked up to a city water system.

1. A Water Pressure Regulator. Water pressures vary by campgrounds and RV resorts. If the city water pressure that you are using is too high it can damage the water lines in your RV. A water pressure regulator reduces the water pressure to around 45 pounds which is ideal for an RV.

2. A Heavy Duty Drinking Water Hose. These hoses unlike your normal garden hose are designed for drinking water. They do not give water a rubber taste. These water hoses should never be used to flush out your holding tanks, washing your RV, etc.

3. A RV Water Filter. Water filters provide protection against foul tastes, odors, sediment, etc. These filters should also be used when you are filling up your RV's fresh water holding tanks.

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I hope the above information has been helpful to you.

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Happy RVing

RVing Al

Comments for Should I run my RVs water pump when the motorhome is hooked up to city water?

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by: R willisms

Why do I haft to use my RV water pump to get enought water pressure when I am connected to a city water connection?

by: larryfreebird

last night we heard a noise and i lost water coming into the motor home. i have a 1992 Pace Arrow 33. i went outside and i have water coming up to the motor home.

Trailer shaking
by: Anonymous

I understand the trailer shaking while people are walking around or active. We are able to keep our trailer parked at the house on a level concrete slab. We had company visiting and staying in the trailer. It was brought to Love you attention that the trailer was shaking although everyone was sleeping. I checked and it was true, no movement by the people inside the trailer but it was still shaking pretty good. Anyone know if the water pump, or the propane being turned on would cause this?

RV Water Heater/Pump
by: Anonymous

In an earlier question your reply was to fill the fresh holding to 2/3, turn 9n pump and hot water to fill water heater. But you just told someone here not to use pump because it was used to pump out. I am confused.
I followed your directions and filled both the fresh and hopefully the pump pumped water into the water heater because it took some time after it filled to 2/3 and then to full. Then, I shut all off, pump and water fill, I keep my water heater on so it cycles and saves propane. Is this right or wrong? Perhaps explaining how the water heater works would make things clearer? Thanks!

We and the dogs living in the RV
by: Tonya and Jerry

I am lost about this pump thing no water pressure since having the water pipe fixed.(he hit it with the shovel) LMAO.... So after the fix absolutely ended my beautiful water pressure. I realize I am some dumb not plum dumb so I ask.....HEY,PLEASE TELL ME WHAT IS UP WITH MY PRESSURE. TO MUCH WITH REGULATOR AND ZERO WITH THE REGULATOR. WILL THE PUMP HELP IN THAT AREA OR. PLEASE SOMEONE SCHOOL ME. OLD SCHOOL ADVICE PLEASE

City water
by: Pebbles

Help..I am also a rookie..
If I am hooking up to city water and will leave my rv's freshwater holding winterized
How do i make sure my waterlines are clean?
Is that solved through my filter? And. Do I need a water regulator when I'm hooked up to city water?

rv pump light
by: Anonymous

Hi I live full time in an rv and I am always connected to the city water. I just noticed my pump light is on. I am not sure if one of my kids accidentally turned it on . should I turn it off?? I have no idea what that button is for and its never been on so I'm very worried because it is on........ One more thing my lights flicker quite often what could be causing that???

water pumps on RV
by: Anonymous

When I am hooked up to city water, will that automatically fill up my hot water tank?

How much water for my pump to work?
by: Anonymous

I'm new to RV'ing. We have our travel trailer parked on a plot of land and don't spend a lot of time there, so don't necessarily want to fill the clean water tank. How much water should be in there for the pump to work?

Any info is much appreciated,

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