Should We Keep Our RV Connected To Home Electrical To Maintain Batteries?

by Dee
(Las Vegas, Nv )

My husband keeps our 5th wheel continually connected to 110 electric while stored alongside our house. He has explained to me he does this to keep batteries charged. Is this a good practice are can this cause other issues?

ANSWER: Greetings Dee thanks for submitting your question on our Ask An RV Question Page.

There should be no problem keeping your 5th wheel plugged into your house electric. The only thing that should be done is the electrolyte levels in your RV's batteries should be checked a minimum of once a month. Since the batteries are undergoing frequent charging cycles while plugged in to electric the electrolytes can get low. The batteries should be topped off with distilled water not tap water. If the electrolytes get too low; it can damage the batteries.

There are Remote Battery Fill Systemsicon available that will make the task of filling up your RV's batteries faster and easier.

Other than that you should be fine keeping your RV plugged into your house electrical system. Our motorhome always stays plugged into our house electricity when we are not using it.

Hope the above information has helped answer your question.

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