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Should We Put A Cover On Our New Travel Trailer?

by Dale Zastrow
(Milwaukee WI )

Why You Should Cover Your RV

Why You Should Cover Your RV

We have a new 09 trailer and are wondering if a cover is a good thing in the winter, or does it damage the finish by banging in the wind?

ANSWER: Hi Dale, the answer to your question is yes if an RV is going to be stored outside for a month or longer regardless of the climate, you should cover it.

Rain, Snow, Sleet, the Sun's Ultraviolet Rays, and Ozone all have an effect of dulling and damaging your RV's finish. These elements do not only damage the finish, but they also shorten the lifespan of your RV's Tires, Weather-stripping, etc. Covering your RV with an RV Cover protects it from these harmful elements.

Your concern about an RV cover causing damage to your Travel Trailer due to wind is a legitimate one. If you go down to your local hardware store and buy a tarp and put it on your RV, yes, the wind could catch it and cause damage. For a little extra money, you can buy a fitted cover designed for use on an RV. These RV Covers, when installed properly, will protect your RV for many years.

RV Covers are reasonably priced and come in all shapes and sizes. Here are some great places to look for RV Covers. RV Covers At Amazon.com, eBay has a huge selection of RV Covers and RV Covers From Campingworldicon.

Tire Protectors

If the cover you buy does not also cover your RV's tires sufficiently there are Tire Protectors (pictured above). Your tires should always be covered when your RV is parked. Tires will become damaged very quickly when exposed UV Rays and Ozone.

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When you browse through the RV Covers in the links I have above, you will see that there are even RV covers that will allow you to enter the RV without having to remove the cover.

In my expert opinion, buying a cover for your RV is one of the wisest investments you can make to prevent unnecessary damage to the RV you have spent your hard-earned money on.

I hope that this information has helped you.

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Comments for Should We Put A Cover On Our New Travel Trailer?

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Rubbing and chafing
by: Anonymous

I read somewhere that if you get the Swimming Pool Noodles and cut them to fit around your corners and buckle areas that Would keep the rubbing and chaffing on your RV’s. I hope this helps.
Avid RVer.

Rv cover?
by: Anonymous

We have used a cover for several years with no trouble. Was looking at the cover today after a hard storm well it is torn. Well I will patch it for now .I have been looking at a car port type shelter as I'm not getting any younger. This should keep my RV snug year round and my wife will not have a heart attack when I'm on the roof.

Protecting part of roof for winter
by: RV Newbee

Is it OK to place a thin sheet of aluminum on a rubber roof to protect during winter?

by: Okie

RV Cover

I just purchased a cover for our Moho 34footer the reason is simple, protection. The weather can do far more damage in repair than the price of a cover. Buy a fitted cover with vents strap it down securely, no worries

ADCO RV cover for Aluminum Sided Trailer
by: Larry Young

I have a 2017 Coleman 19' TT I purchased in June of 2016. My trailer is a corrugated aluminum-sided trailer. Shortly after purchasing the trailer I purchased an ADCO RV cover from RVCovers.com. After the first season in April of 2017 when I took the cover off, I noticed two small wear marks on the ridges of the paint below the upper marker lights on the front. I thought it was not too bad.

The next season the cover went on in October of 2017 and came off in April 2018. The marks were a little worse and now there were some on the back, just below the upper marker lights. Hmmm.

The cover went back on in September of 2018 and came off again in June 2019. Now I had marks extensively all over the trailer, especially in the front and back. Basically, the trailer needs to be repainted. Of which I am currently working with ADCO (not looking good for me).

Each year before the cover goes on I wash and hand wax the entire trailer and during the summer, I wax it with a spray and wash. The cover fits very well and when the representative from ADCO saw the pictures of it installed, he said it fit so good that they could use it in an ad.

I live in the high desert of Nevada where we have extreme weather. That is why I purchased the top of the line ADCO trailer cover. In the three years, I have had the cover, I have had to patch it after removing. I even had to order an additional patch kit from ADCO. Now after the warranty has expired, it has also. It has some tear areas that are simply too thin to repair, and the free tire covers, they were disintegrated in one season.

I believe this cover may be a good choice for a fiberglass trailer, but definitely NOT for a corrugated aluminum-sided trailer.

Cover is a bad idea
by: Byron Todd

When we bought our 2014 Keystone Laredo travel trailer, we bought a cover from the dealer. I religiously kept it covered all winter, and within 2 years the front nose had the finish literally sanded off by the cover with the wind blowing. We had to spend a lot of money having it repainted, and the body shop said to never put a cover back on it, or it would do it again.

Good to know
by: Anonymous

We are new to this whole RV’ing and have wondered about what to do with our 5th wheel this winter. Now we know!

I paid the price of not covering
by: Anonymous

RV Covers

When I purchased my Camper, I bought a cover for it. 2 years later the wind destroyed it and I took it off. I didn't buy another one for a couple years as we didn't use the camper much and it was in the back of my mind.

Well, when I decided to take it out I knew I needed to go clean it. Talk about a task. The staining and sun damage was awful. I spent 2 days washing it and fixing seal joints and vent covers. I then had to buy 4 new tires because the sun destroyed them.

If you purchase a cover, be sure you get the correct one for your climate. If you live where you get all 4 seasons, be sure to get one rated for the rain and snow. Most all the popular one's are vented and breathable so there's no fear of trapped moisture. I did notice that ours did chaff a small amount of paint from a corner trim piece but nothing compared to the damage of not having it covered.

Here's a BUYING tip for almost all RV items. The prices will be higher depending on the season. Covers will be higher priced in the fall as people prepare to store their unit. Maintenance items may be higher in the spring and fall as campers are preparing to store in the fall and use in the spring.

Cover on RV in storage
by: Kristi

You commented that a fitted RV cover will protect the RV and not cause damage from the wind. Is there any concern wth damage from moisture trapped under the cover?

Covering Your RV
by: Anonymous

It's Great the Dealers Tell U that U Should Cover Your RV. Well If That's the Case Why Don't the Dealers Cover The Ones Sitting In Their Lots For Months Up On End. Just Wondering That's All.

cover for travel trailer
by: zeyda

Hi, we just purchased a used 26 foot travel trailer and trying to find a good deal on a cover. I found a couple on a by ow er site that is for a class a 31 feet. It's a 500 cover and they are asking 100....can I use a larger..longer...different class rv cover on my travel trailer or does it have to be specific to the class and length? Thank you

by: wildak8246

I wish I had seen this article BEFORE last winter. I bought a used 5th wheel and dumb me put a tarp on it and bungied it down. Well the wind definitely did its duty and damaged things big time.

Not only did it tear the tarp up, but it kept slamming the bungie metals against the RV and hence took the paint off at those points. Needless to say, it broke my heart to see it, but the damage was done and now I have to live with it. I really appreciate the wisdom of all your articles and try to read everyone that you put on. THANKS

by: emanuel

Hello, we are from Canada,i just bought a brand new 24ft travel trailer by kz, i was just wondering if it is okay to use a white plastic tarp just for one year for this winter? Will it damage the trailer from this October to next year's March? Next year i will buy a proper cover? Thank you

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