10 Benefits of Having Solar Power Products on Your RV

Solar energy would be the best option for an avid RVer who spends a lot of time boondocking in secluded areas

Solar power products are the best option for avid boondocking RVers

Solar power products are the best option for an avid RVer who spends a lot of time boondocking in secluded areas. They are an efficient means of generating power while saving you enough money compared to gas generators or using the grid. Starting up or even running gas generators is pricier compared to the lifetime investment that is essential for solar panel systems.

Also, solar power products are popular upgrades for all types of RVers because they will assist you in running fixtures and features that can convert your RV into a Home on Wheels regardless of where you are. RVing in a place where there is the right amount of sunlight exposure, you can enjoy the aura of a typical home without the expense, smell, and noise of running a generator. These are the 10 benefits of using solar power products in your RV:

1. Less Noise

The best appeal of RVing is becoming one with nature while avoiding the growl and noise of generators. Besides, you will need to frequently fire it up in case you want to clean, watch TV, and do other activities in your RV. Noisy generators make a poor impression if you are RVing near others. However solar panels are silent. They will offer you all the services needed without you needing to fire up any noise emitting generators. solar panels are the best option for RVing.   

2. It is Affordable

Using the sun with solar power products is low cost. Just like gas-based generators, you will require some initial funds to purchase and install the solar system on your RV.  After that you will not pay for fuel or maintenance again because there are no breakable moving parts. Cleaning and simple care that you can do by yourself is all that is required.  Besides, solar power systems can last up to over ten years.

3.  You Can Travel Anywhere

This is perhaps the best benefit many RVers love about using solar panels. You can travel anywhere when you have solar panel-based products if there is enough sunlight exposure on where you are RVing.  Many RVers do not consider it as RVing unless they are boondocking and that’s okay with solar power. Having the ability to possess power regardless of where you are heading can help you in case you want to RV away from campsites and stay in secluded places. Yes, with solar power, you can remain off the grid for as much as you want without worrying about fuel.

4. Solar Panels Provide Power without Violating National and State Park Noise Regulations

10 Benefits of Having Solar Power Products on Your RV

Using generators in National and State Parks in the U.S provided they fall below a specific decibel level and can only be used during stipulated hours. However, some national parks ban the use of generators altogether. That said, even generators are not reliable because you will have no power in case there are local fire bans. 

However, when you rely on solar power to power up your RV, you will not run afoul of laws and regulations of your local area because they are silent and safe to use even for other campers. 


5. There are Fewer Emissions

RVers have environmental mindfulness and the best way you can be is going the solar power way. Generators emit a lot of hazardous carbon monoxide; solar power produces none.

6. Less Maintenance

The only maintenance for solar power is the usual cleaning and some little care tips and that is it. You will not need to move about your RV solar system after installing it because there are no moving parts hence no breakages that will probably need repairs. Therefore, your RV system is going to serve you for a long time.  

7. Requires Little Space and Are Lightweight

A common challenge among RVers is space because RVs aren’t big like homes even if you want to carry everything that is required when travelling.  All types of vehicles have weight limits and fortunately solar panel products are lightweight and only take a little space in your RV compared to other available options on the market. When you use a generator, it will require a lot of space to store. 

Good Sam Club
Good Sam Club

8. It Is a Renewable Energy Source

The best example of a renewable source of energy are solar panels because they easily convert sunlight into usable electricity. The age of utilizing nonrenewable energy sources is now over therefore solar powered products are the best option right now.

9. You Can Easily Move Them to Another RV

If you purchase another RV or simply want to use another RV, you can easily move your solar panels without a fret because they are transportable.  A new technology in solar panels is the ability of them being convenient and portable where you needn’t install permanently on your RV.  You can easily move them out just like other items in your RV.

10. Best Option for Newbie and Veteran RVers

If you just started RVing and do not know how to go about powering up other products like air conditioners in your RV, rest assured that it is the best option for you. It is cheaper, safer and won’t need a lot of maintenance. You will enjoy saving money. Even veteran RVers love the idea and fact that they can go to boondocking spots with solar power products installed in their RV.

In Conclusion

RV solar panels do extend battery life and reduce generator usage. You will also save money. As mentioned earlier, you only need sun exposure and voila! You can now go boondocking without worrying about running a generator to keep your RV powered up.

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