State Park Camp Hosts Have Some Good Advice For RVers

by Mike
(Bakersfield, Ca. USA)

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My wife and I recently retired and volunteered to be Camp Hosts at a State Park. We met some wonderful people from all over the world who stayed with us last summer. While most of the campers who stayed with us were responsible, there were an abnormally large percentage of campers who simply abused the park.

This park was established over 50 years ago and by the Rangers account, this year was the heaviest use in the park's history. With state budgets being cut at an alarming rate, sadly the budgets for parks have been hit very hard. The Rangers at our park were just great and we were lucky to have their service.

The Maintenance Staff we worked with were the most responsible and caring people I have ever worked with, they sincerely care about the State Park and its visitors. Our job was to assist the maintenance staff by cleaning sites after campers leave. My wife and I were responsible for cleaning over 130 sites.

When campers refuse to pick up after themselves and leave their garbage in the fire pits rather than walk across the street to use the trash cans it made our job almost impossible.

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We will be back next year to give our 6 months to the Park System, and I hope people who use our parks take the time to be responsible campers and think of the people that are coming in to use their site next. It is just the responsible thing to do.

Unless park users want the cost of using our State Park Campgrounds to continue to rise, Please Pitch in and Clean up after yourselves. It is the responsible thing to do.

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Comments for State Park Camp Hosts Have Some Good Advice For RVers

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Thoughtless campers
by: Anonymous

Perhaps it will become necessary for parks to charge a cleaning deposit that is kept if the site is left dirty and refunded when the site is left tidy.

Cleaning up
by: Jerry Segers

After hiking parts of the AT and staying at camp sites with amenities ranging from a pup tent to a class A motorhome, I am continually amazed at the number of thoughtless people I have seen. Do they throw their trash in the middle of their own front yard or only their neighbors?

Given that these people exist, I decided to do something about it many years ago. I now take a few minutes every time I travel to pick up and dispose of trash left by others and I never leave any myself. When there are no disposal facilities nearby I have hauled someone else's trash hundreds of miles.

While I make no excuses for the behavior of others, I feel that in this small way I have helped those that come after me. If everyone would adopt the same attitude, most of these folks mess would disappear and the campsites would be more enjoyable for everyone. Any takers?

RV Park Abuser's
by: Anonymous

It's a shame that people don't respect what is offered to them at a minimal cost. These people make it difficult and more expensive for people who respect and do the right thing of cleaning after themselves, before leaving the park. I think that the license plate number of the people who disrespect the RV parks should go into a data base, and reported to other RV sites. After several incidents or reports about these people, they should not be allowed in any RV parks for a year, to start with.

lazy lowlife,scumbags
by: Bill A

To bad low life scum bags have to ruin it for others.

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