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Static In Picture Of Digital TV In RV

by Harold
(Stroudsburg ,PA)

I have a 92 Four Winds Class C Motorhome.I wanted to check and see if the cable connection was working OK. I ran a cable from the house to the connection, hooked up my new flat screen and ran the cable scan. All the channels came up, but there was a lot of static in the picture (not the digital blocks that you sometimes get).

I thought I would check the antenna(with the boost on) while I was at it. I ran an "air" scan and a few channels came in, but still static (somewhat snowy). I checked at both inside connections and no improvement. I have checked all connections and they are all tight.

Am I missing something? Suggestions? Is there another way to see if there is something wrong with the inside cable lines themselves?

ANSWER: Hi Harold based on your description, I am fairly sure that the problem you are having is not being caused by the cable in your RV. The beauty of digital TV signals is that you either get them or you don't. A weak digital TV signal does not create static or snow in the TV picture; the picture either freezes or pixelates. Since you are not experiencing that problem it means that you are getting good signal and that means that connections should be good.

To prove my theory right you will need to run a TV cable from your house directly to the back of the TV in your RV and I am pretty sure that you probably will get the same interference.<

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What you are experiencing is called picture noise or static and is usually caused by electrical interference from items such the plug the TV is plugged into or fluorescent lights, ceiling fans, microwave ovens, etc. This interference can also be caused by WIFI Routers, close proximity to a radio station, etc.

The easiest way to eliminate this problem is to buy a EMI/RFI filtering Surge Protector. One of these surge protectors should help reduce or totally eliminate the EMI/RFI interference you are experiencing on your TV.

Hope this helps.

Happy RVing

RVing Al

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Over 1,500,000 successful roadside rescues. Good Sam Roadside Assistance.

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Motorhome interior cable splitter
by: Anonymous

The problem will most likely be behind the plate the cable comes from at the front above the front seats. In behind the wall plate there will be a small "computer board" , this will be the cause of your problems. I have personally fixed over 40 RV's with the same issues. This will happen more with satellite systems. If you can by-pass the board, great, if not you will have to install a new line from the exterior cable port to where the TV is. Good Luck! If you need anymore info please email me at shawnben@shaw.ca

by: Anonymous

When I make the connection from the house directly in to the tv it is fine. It is only when I run the connection from the house through the RV that this happens. I don't know how a power strip with a filter will help this problem??

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