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Stop RV Battery Theft

by Bob Beatty
(Redding Ca.)

STOP RV Battery Theft

STOP RV Battery Theft

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WOW I have been looking for this for a while Batteryshackle very secure RV battery lock check it out on amazon...!

Editor's Note: Here is some more information on the Batteryshackle this 1/8th of an inch thick steel lock is the perfect way to protect your battery. One size fits most batteries, but they offer a 27″ so as to better conform to a smaller battery.

The Battery Shackle has a hinge that makes it accessible with zero horizontal clearance. No tools are required, and it takes three padlocks.

It is impossible to move without grinders, bolt cutters, or a cutting torch, so you know your battery is secure.

How It Works

Over 1,500,000 successful roadside rescues—Good Sam RV Emergency Road Service

The Battery Shackle comes in three pieces:

One that goes underneath

One that goes on top

And a bar that goes through the middle of the battery boxes.

It is very user-friendly and easy to install. Typically under 2 minutes- no tools required.

It is available for single or dual battery configurations.

Take a look at the video below to see how easy it is to install Batteryshackle on your RV.


Batteryshackle also makes a Propane Lock (pictured above) to secure your RV's Propane tanks.

Easy To Install

Apply two nuts (included), and tighten.

Place propane lock over nuts, and apply the lock.

Take a look at the video below to see how easy it is to secure your Propane tank/s with the Batteryshackle Propane Lock on your RV:

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Yes, it is that simple.

But wait there's more: Batteryshackle just came out with a new Portable Generator Lock (pictured above) for Honda and Yamaha generators. This device allows you to secure your portable generator in a cage that can either be welded or chained to the frame of your RV. Take a look at the short video below for more information:

I hope that this information has been helpful to you.

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Battery Shackle
by: JEFF - Bakersfield

A friend had his battery stolen from his trailer as it sat in his driveway. Thieves cut the cables and walked away with the battery in seconds. He purchased a battery shackle to prevent future thefts. I went ahead and got one as well. The ease of installation of this device is amazing. Battery thefts in this area are on the rise and this is a "must have" item.

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