The AC Unit On My RV Only Works Intermittently

by Joe
(Sanford NC)

I have a 97 Terry Travel Trailer when I turn on the thermostat to Auto Cool 90% of the time it will not work however if I turn it on On Cool 90% of the time it will work however the fan will stay on 100% of the time and the compressor will kick on and off as required.

The question is does this sound like a thermostat problem or a Freon problem and if it is Freon what type of Freon does something of that age require? Thank you for any help you can give.

ANSWER: Greetings Joe thanks for submitting your question on our Ask An RV Question Page.

The problem with the AC unit on your RV could be a bad thermostat, low Freon, bad control board on the AC unit itself and there are several other problems that could cause what you are experiencing. The best way of finding the problem is to have your air conditioner checked out by a certified RV Technician.

One thing I need to clarify is that when you change the thermostat setting from "auto" to "on" the fan will run constantly while the AC compressor kicks on and off that is what it is suppose to do at that setting.

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The best way to find out for sure what type of Freon to use is by contacting the manufacturer of the Air Conditioning Unit. If you find out that your AC unit uses R-12 Freon then you should read the answer I gave the question below.

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For further information on RV Air Conditioners you should read the answers I gave to the question below.

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Hope this helps.

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