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The Air Conditioner on My RV is Leaking Water inside the RV

by Bill
(Macon, GA)

How to Stop RV Air Conditioner from Leaking Water into Your RV

How to Stop RV Air Conditioner from Leaking Water into Your RV

I have a 1998 Coachmen Catalina. When I turn my air conditioner on, water drips through the filter.

ANSWER: Hi Bill since you did not mention that your RV A/C unit is leaking when it is raining I am going to assume that the problem is that the drain pan on your RV's Air Conditioner is not draining properly and allowing the water condensation from the evaporator to leak inside of the RV rather than draining on the RV's Roof like it should.

I would first suggest that you clean or replace the interior air filter on your RV's air conditioner.

Dirty evaporator coils could also cause this problem. Either way, you are going to have to open up the Air Conditioner to fix the problems.

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If you are comfortable going on the roof of your RV, you can check the evaporator and the drain pan on your RV's Air Conditioner. To do this, you will have to remove the shroud on the Air Conditioner and remove any cover attached to the evaporator. These covers are normally held on with several screws.

Once you access the drain pan, check the drain pan for any blocked drain holes. Also, check to make sure that no one has sealed around the drain holes of the Air Conditioner, thinking they were fixing a leak.

Take a look at the coils on the evaporator; if they are dirty use a product like Formula 409 Cleaner to thoroughly clean the coils.

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If after you have completed the steps outlined above and you still experience leaking problems with the A/C running or you have had water leaking from the A/C when it rains then the problem is probably the gasket between the roof of the RV and the Air Conditioner unit itself.

If the Air Conditioner Gasket needs to be replaced, I would suggest that you take the RV in and have a Certified RV Technician replace the gasket and inspect the roof around the A/C unit opening for any structural damage as a result of the leak.

I hope this helps.

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Comments for The Air Conditioner on My RV is Leaking Water inside the RV

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Air conditioner leaking inside RV
by: Tammy

My air conditioner leaked at first and got a little better however when I turned the ac off it poured water down into the rv. I put a tub there to catch it. I could here water moving around in top of air conditioner. It was humid and hot these two days. Heat index 108'. I dont even know where my air filter would be but since I am home I will investigate!

A/C Leaking Water Inside
by: Tony

I had same problem, water dripping inside. I changed my filter (on a 90+ deg day) but luckily saved the original, that night water began to drip into trailer. I immediately began to inspect and upon doing so realized the replacement filter I had just bought was just a little thicker material than original, barely noticeable, but enough to make a difference.. I washed the original, put it back(next morning when dry)and no water. Do not buy replacement filters from local hardware store.. Buy from dealer. Keep your filters clean.

Rv ac drip inside
by: Anonymous

II had a drip issue inside when my acwas running. I took off the inside cover which was 6 philips screws, then using a 3/8 inch wrench snugged down the 4 bolts that pull the ac unit down on the thick foam seal. No more drips.

Leaking air conditioner
by: Ellen

We recently had a new air conditioner installed on our 2001 fifth wheel. When the outside temps are high it obviously runs for a long period of time which then causes leaking inside the RV. I have to shut the unit off in order for it to drain out the back every 10 mins or so or it leaks inside. Suggestions please!!!

leaking water inside
by: Anonymous

does ac have drain tube that run across ceiling leak over at door across from ac unit .roof inspection above door on roof looks ok.

Large amount of water in coach
by: Kit

Hello, I have a major water leak from my air conditioner leaking into the coach. This was caused by a faulty install to a brand new coach.

This said and done there was so much water it started to flow out of the light fixtures beyond more than half the coach, without removing anything for verification.

Can I expect this manufacturer of this coach, 2019,

To be able to guaranty the firefly system will work, there will be no mold issues and I didn't even get into my extended warranty avoidance.
Can you give me some common advice?

Water in ceiling from AC.....
by: RikkiLynn

I'm new to the RV world and find that I'm having trouble getting everything running right. Recently acquired a 93 catalina 285. The previous owner literally "fixed" everything with duct tape. Having to fix everything properly. The front AC unit wasn't cooling and was freezing up. Opened from inside and cleaned the severely clogged fins. Now it blows freezing cold air! Now I'm noticing water leaking and the ceiling bowing with what I'm guessing water. I'm needing help! What can I do? Thanks in advance!

Condensation from AC dripping inside the RV
by: Bob RVing in hot humid Alabama

I had the same problem with my AC dripping water inside the RV. I took the cover off the AC took the cover off the return air duct. Both drain holes work clean. Then took the inside cover off the unit, and turned the AC on high speed fan. That amount of air flow through that duck was too much for what condensation was in the pan and was splashing like getting the spray off the top of waves on the ocean. I used some Gorilla Tape around the air duct to raise the sides of the catch Tray about one inch. Problem solved no more water dripping inside the RV.

Air Filter
by: William Boyd

Also had this problem. Determined it was due to air filter being so clogged up that unit was pulling air in thru drip tube thus not allowing water out. Cleaned air filter on both AC units and no more leaks.

Cracked plastic drain pan causing leaks inside RV.
by: wegunterjrHarvy

Looks like there is a way for the condensation to get from the plastic drain pan down into the metal drain pan (on the inside where there is no access to the drains. This puddle of water get's pooled and then blown around inside causing the water to drop onto the A/C control box (which probably shouldn't get wet) and then down into the coach.

I see a crack in the plastic drain pan (actually in the drain hole), but then it goes under the coils and cannot tell. Any suggestions? Can it drain from the inside?

AC Leak
by: Randy

My AC is leaking but not from the rain and after it cycles on and off two or three times it stops leaking and suggestions


A/c. Leaking
by: Brenda

Leaking inside when I run my air. Where ard the drains located on this A/C. How do I clean it???????

ac leaking on bed when raining
by: Mark

I also have a problem that when it rains and my rear ac is running water drips onto the bed. This only happens when it is raining and the unit is on and the water drips down through the air ducts. If it rains and I turn the ac off then no leaks and no leak when its not raining. A friend with a similar coach has the same problem. This is a colman ac unit on a 2012 Winnebago tour. Also this problem is only on the rear ac unit the other 2 are fine. My friends problem is exactly the same.

by: bill

While you are doing this check the a/c mounts that hold it to the roof. Some times they come loose after the a/c is installed,and never retightened there are 4 bolts just don't over tighten them.

Mitigating AC Water Leaks Inside RV
by: Merv

Good article ... had the same problem especially in hot, humid weather. An appliance RV tech guided me to:

1) Clean the inside filters frequently. These are the meshed filters in the main outlet returns inside the RV.

2) IMPORTANT! Vacuum the condenser fins. When they get dirty (and they do), lots of bad things can happen. Open your ceiling grills. With a flashlight, observe the fins. Mine were coated with dust. I used a vacuum with a small brush and carefully removed the built up dust and dirt. The keyword here is careful!

When checking and cleaning as necessary about every 30 days or so, I have had no AC leaks inside the RV. Hope this helps.

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