The Automatic Transmission On My Motorhome Stopped Working

by Phil Vance
(Mabank TX USA )

The Motorhome was parked and was trying to reposition it under RV carport. Backed up, pulled forward once and backed up again, and needed to pull forward again, but transmission quit. It only has 45,000 on it. Any suggestions on what is wrong and where may I find a rebuilt or instructions for rebuilding it.

Editors Note: This question is in reference to a 1985 M3206 Honey Class A with 454 Chevrolet engine.

ANSWER: Greetings Phil thanks for submitting your question on our Ask An RV Question Page.

The first thing that I suggest you do is to do some basic checks on the transmission to determine if this is a serious problem or not. Please read the answer I gave to the question below and follow the diagnostic steps I outline. The steps are very simple and may just help get to the root cause of your transmission problem.

The Transmission On My 1979 Chevy Coachmen Motor Home Will Not Shift

Now to your other questions, first on instructions on rebuilding transmissions. If you feel comfortable enough there are manuals available that can give you information on rebuilding the transmission yourself. There are a couple of places I recommend for getting these manuals, see the links below:

Transmission Repair and Rebuild Manuals From Amazon

Transmission Repair and Rebuild Manuals From eBay. Just a note on the manuals on eBay, you do not have to do any bidding to get these manuals, almost all of them have "Buy It Now Prices". You will also find Rebuilt Transmissions On eBay. A lot of the rebuilt transmissions on eBay include Free Shipping.

If you are not comfortable with rebuilding the transmission on your motorhome, do not feel alone. Rebuilding a transmission is not something I would recommend that a do-it-yourselfer try. Unless you have rebuilt transmissions in the past or you are working with a friend that has done transmission rebuilds, you will probably be better off to get it repaired by a shop that specializes in transmission repair.

I am not able to refer you to a shop in your area, but I would recommend that you contact an RV dealership in your area and see if they can refer you to a good transmission shop.

I hope that this information has been helpful to you.

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Happy RVing

RVing Al

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