The Blower Motor On My RV's Furnace Does Not Come On

by Richard
(Timmins, Canada)

Troubleshooting no heat coming out heater vents in an RV

Troubleshooting no heat coming out heater vents in an RV

The furnace goes on, but the heat coming out from the vents is minimal, could it be the fuses for the Fan or blower? (I noticed the fuses was reversed could this cause the lack of hot air coming out)

ANSWER: Hi Richard there could be several causes to the problem you are experiencing, yes it could be a blown fuse. I am not quite sure what you meant by a reversed fuse, but as long as power is flowing through the fuse it should be OK.

The first thing I would check is that the furnace vents are securely connected to the furnace. Check the ducting from the furnace to the vents to make sure that it has not come loose or disconnected.

It could be a bad blower motor, it could also be due to a low voltage problem in your RV's 12 volt DC system. The Control Board for your furnace could also be bad. I am afraid that there are just too many things that could be causing the problem you are having with your RV Furnace for me to even make and educated guess on what the problem is based on the information you have given me.

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Your best bet is to take the RV in and have a Certified RV Technician check out your furnace system.

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Problem solved
by: richard

Well the furnace was not placed over the duct. Problem solved. lots of heat. new camper our first , I guess the asembly line and quality control was sleeping..Thanks great website it's campig.

by: Anonymous

Richard....chances are you have solved your problem already. I'll make a comment said you get some heat. Have you opened the access door to your furnace (Heater) and blown out the combustion chamber? Many times bugs, spiders, etc get up there and clog things up. It is a possibility that you are not getting a good burn. Otherwise.....good sense tells you to contact an authorized service person to make reapirs.


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