The Cat With the White Racing Stripe

by Paul Larsen
(Calgary , Alberta , Canada)

The Cat With the White Racing Stripe

The Cat With the White Racing Stripe

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About 25 years ago my wife, very young daughter and I were out camping at Kootenay Lake in British Columbia, Canada. We got set up at a nice wooded spot in the campground. It was fairly late in the evening and starting to turn tonight. My wife went to put our daughter to bed, and I remained sitting at the picnic table waiting for her to return.

While I was waiting in the semi-darkness, I felt something rub against my leg. Oh, a cat, I thought. So I reached down and petted the "kitty". After a few minutes, I looked down and saw this "cat" had a white racing stripe on its back; realizing it was a skunk, I froze immediately. Hoping and praying my wife didn't come out of the trailer. After a while, Mr or Ms. Skunk left, and I quietly went into the trailer.

The following morning I told the campground manager about the experience. She said the skunks were a common occurrence there and used to people. There had only been a few people there that were sprayed, usually ones with barking dogs that startle the skunks. I did feel better about staying there after that.

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