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The Compressor on My RV's Air Conditioner Will Not Come On

by Anonymous

I have a Winnebago Minnie Winnie 2000 on a Ford E450 chassis. When I try to run the AC, the unit tries to start but when the compressor seems to start it shuts down. Only the fan continues to run. The unit has a 4KW Onan on board generator.

When I try to run the AC off the generator, when the compressor starts it lugs the generator down to the point it stalls out. I did have it at a campground this past week that had 50 amp service. That’s when I noted that when the compressor tried to start it would kick off. The 50 amp breaker on the service did not trip. Is there something I can do to free up the compressor which seems to be the problem?

I purchased the RV last year. It was used primarily in Fla. It sat for a little over a year in Vermont when I got it.

ANSWER: Thanks for submitting your question on our Ask An RV Question Page.

There is no way to free-up the compressor. Based on your description it sounds like you have a bad start or run capacitor on the unit. If the capacitors are good then the problem in all likelihood is a bad compressor.

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The only way to find out for sure is to take your RV in and have the Air Conditioner looked at.

I hope this helps.

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RV AC Capacitor.
by: Joe-LAXstranger

The most unreliable item in electric- electronic it is a electrolytic capacitor. They have the tendency to dry out prematurely and quit to give a kick start to the motor in our case. The chance to fail the motor or the compressor it is slim to none specially on RV low hour usage or must to be 1/2 century old to happen. If anybody trying to replace the capacitor that person need to have some electrical knowledge and experience to be safe!!!

air condition fuse
by: Anonymous


RV Compressor -how to test with amp meter
by: Anonymous

Could you explain how to test the compressor with amp meter?

by: bill arnold

do you have an amp meter or borrow one check the amo draw.if its drawing to many amps the the motor is shot.or if it is low on refrigerant that will happen.its a good idea to run your air in winter time once a month to keep it lubed.

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