The Front TV In Our RV Shuts Off When The RV Is Running Because Of A Safety System, How Do We Bypass This?

by Anonymous

We have satellite in motion but we cannot watch the front TV in our RV while the motorhome is running because of the safety feature. Is there any way to bypass the ignition so that it will allow you to watch TV in motion?

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I am afraid that you are not going to like the answer I give you to this question. Yes, it is possible to bypass the safety system that shuts off the front TV in your motorhome, but I am not going to explain how to do it. As much as like to answer questions for my fellow RVers; the one thing I will not do is explain how to bypass any safety systems installed on an RV.

All of the safety systems that are installed on an RV are there for a reason. The fact that your front TV will not operate when the Motorhome is going down the road is because whomever designed the safety systems for your motorhome believed that the TV was in close enough proximity to the driver to possibly distract them and not allow them to operate the vehicle in a safe manner. I am not going to second guess their decision.

Safety systems on vehicles are not arbitrarily installed to upset people. The prime factor that prompts safety systems being added to vehicles is the fact that people have been killed or injured because these safety systems were not installed.

I am sorry that I could not help you in this situation.

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