The Grey Water Holding Tank Drain Valve Is Broken On My RV

by Anonymous

I have 2007 Road Trek (Sprinter). The lever that releases the tank is connected to the Grey water tank by a wire. The wire broke and the tank won't drain using the electric switch that activates a pump that causes it to drain. The lever was in shut position when the cable broke.

Is there a manual way to drain the tank via a drainage bolt that I have not discovered? I am in the middle of a trip and taking it to a dealer and wasting days and money does not make sense until I get back home. The manufacturers have used severely low grade equipment on this RV and things keep breaking off.

ANSWER: Greetings thanks for submitting your question on our Ask An RV Question Page.

I am not going to be the bearer of good news. I do not believe that there is a low point drain or petcock on your grey water holding tank. The only way you will know for sure is to crawl underneath your RV and identify the grey water holding tank and look for one.

I am afraid that unless you can manually operate the drain valve that the wire was hooked to, you are going to have to take it in and get it repaired. Since you are not happy about the low quality of the parts used by your manufacturer, you might want to ask the RV Technician that repairs the tank if there is a replacement part stronger than the one currently being used.

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