The Picture On My RV's Backup Camera System Keeps Rolling

by Anonymous

Troubleshooting RV Backup Camera Systems

Troubleshooting RV Backup Camera Systems

I have a 1995 Country Coach Intrigue 36 ft Motorhome and the backup camera started scrolling and I can't get it to quit. Is it something that can be fixed or do I need a new camera or monitor? How much is a new system?

ANSWER: Hi you don't say whether the picture on the backup monitor is rolling vertically or horizontally, not that it is really going to matter that much.

In all likelihood, the backup monitor has gone bad, but there are a couple of things that you can check:

1. Check all of the wiring connections on the monitor itself. A loose or broken wire can cause rolling or tearing of the monitor's picture.

2. Also check the connection at the camera on the back of your RV for any dirty or loose connections.

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If all of the connections are good; than it is time to look into installing a new backup camera system on your RV. Unfortunately trying to fix your older black & white backup system will not be cost effective, also finding new parts for the system will be problematic.

New RV Backup Camera Systems can cost as little as $170.00 for a wired system. They go higher when you add options such as a wireless system with multiple cameras that give you additional side views of your RV.

My personal recommendation would be to install a Wireless Backup Camera System as it does not require you to perform the time consuming task of running a new backup camera wiring harness in your RV.

When looking at Wireless Backup Camera Systems you need to make sure that the camera is rated to transmit the picture to your monitor. There are some wireless backup camera systems that are primarily designed for cars that will not be able transmit the picture the minimum 36 feet you need.

Hooking up a Wireless Backup Camera System to your RV is very simple and straight forward. Take a look at the video below by RVing Expert Mark Polk to see how easy the installation actually is.

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Here is The Voyager Digital Wireless Observation System With WiSight Technology that Mark Polk talks about in the video above

I hope this helps.

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