The Power Converter On My Son's Travel Trailer Blows Hot Air, Is This Safe?

by Kim

Why your RV's Power Converter Blows Hot Air

Why your RV's Power Converter Blows Hot Air

My son has a 80's model prowler tag along...his converter box is warm to the touch and blows warm air. Is this dangerous? Why would it feel hot?


ANSWER: Hi Kim it is completely normal for a Power Converter to get very warm. The reason you feel very warm air coming out of the Converter/Charger is there is a fan in the converter that is used to dissipate the heat that is generated by the converter when it is operating.

The one thing you do not want to do is store items in the storage compartment where the converter is located. The converter needs space so that it can exhaust the warm air so that it does not exceed its proper operating temperature. If you block the vents and exhaust of the converter you can overheat and possibly damage the converter.

So if your son is storing items in this electrical compartment, you should remind him to move the items to another compartment.

The one thing I am surprised you did not mention was the sound that the converter makes while it is operating. I cannot tell you how many people reach out to me saying that something is wrong with their RV's converter because it is making a humming or electrical buzzing sound. That is also normal for converters in older RVs.

I hope that this information has been helpful to you.

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by: Anonymous

Glad I found this helpful info... I was flipping out ! Thanks 😉

Converter fan
by: Anonymous

My converter fan keeps "cycling" like it's trying to come on, but can't, and does this about every 3-5 seconds. What should I do to correct this?

RV Converter Fan

Last summer, my converter overheated and melted all the wires. It had to be rewired with all new wires. It then seemed to work fine.

This past weekend, it heated up again (I can smell it). I unplugged everything and it cooled down. Then I tried turning on things and had no problem.
However, I never heard the fan come on.

Is there a fuse for the fan, or a control for the fan. I assume the fan needs to run to cool down the converter when it gets warm/hot.

Any suggestions?

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