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The Rear Turn Signals On My 1999 Tioga RV Are Not Working, What Is The Problem?

by Anonymous

The tail lights on my 24' 1999 Tioga (Ford Econoline Chassis) RV are working, but my rear turn signals and my brake lights have stopped working.

Checked all of the fuses under the dash on drivers side but found nothing wrong. Are the fuses for these located in the fuse box in the engine compartment, and if yes without a schematic, how do I locate the fuses? Front turn signals still work!

Note From RVing Al:
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Yes the fuses for the rear turn signals could be located in the engine compartment. You should check the fuse block in the engine compartment and see if it is marked to identify the fuses, or if you have the chassis owner’s manual; it should have a section identifying the fuses. The problem you are describing could be a fuse.

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