The rubber components on the tag axle on my motorhome are cracked and deteriorated, is it safe to drive?

by Danny

I have a 1996 class C Coachman with a tag axle that I purchased on eBay. I noticed the tag axles came down as I jacked the rear of the unit. I investigated and noticed a series of 3 sections of 6 to 8 inch square rubber pieces for the suspension. Looks somewhat like an accordion. The rubber is deteriorated, cracked and broken.

Can you tell me if it is still safe for me to use this motorhome as I cannot get replacement parts? I understand it was the Dexter Axle Company that manufactured this axle. Dexter manufactures only trailer axles now.

Do you have any ideas if I can convert the suspension to air bags or leave it alone. The axle rests on the metal supports.

Thank You


ANSWER: Greetings Danny thanks for submitting your question on our Ask An RV Question Page.

There is no way for me to tell you if your motorhome is safe to drive. You need to have the tag axle inspected by someone who is familiar with the suspension components on that axle. From what you describe you have numerous potential safety issues with the tag axle.

Once you have the tag axle inspected, you can determine if repairs are needed. If you do need repairs or parts replaced, you may still want to contact Dexter Axle at their corporate headquarters at 574-295-7888 and see if they can direct you to someone who might carry the needed parts for your tag axle.

As far as retrofitting the tag axle with an Air Suspension Systemicon; it could be possible to do it. You need to ask the mechanic that inspects your tag axle if it can be done.

I am sorry I cannot be of more help to you but, without physically looking at the tag axle, there is no way I would be comfortable determining if it is safe to drive or not.

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Tag Axle
by: Anonymous

We have a 1994 F-350 Econoline Motor home and we have the same issue, but we are still driving it. We would love to fix it, but have not been able to find the parts.

worn rubber components
by: Anonymous

The rubber parts you describe sound like a Mor/Ryde tag. They used Dexter axle and brakes on their suspension.
Look them up on line and they have a page to tell you what is good or requires replacement.They also stock the parts

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