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8 Reasons to Choose the RV Lifestyle

A lot of people choose to live the RV lifestyle during holidays and weekends

8 Reasons to Choose the RV Lifestyle

By Sharon Hooper 

Perhaps life on the road is designed for you and you just do not know it yet. However, this decision is not really easy to make, as there is a lot to consider before embarking on your RV family adventure.

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Full-time RV living is a journey many people have taken and live happy lives on the road. Most of the time, people will deliberately choose to live the RV life during holidays and weekends. In recent times it has been reported that RV sales are at an all-time high and more people are taking on life on the road.

Here, we look at eight reasons to choose living the RV lifestyle on a full-time basis and we will discuss some personality traits that might be suited for this lifestyle.

1. It is about the journey, not the destination

Many people might wonder where you are going as you drive your recreation vehicle around the country. Pursuing life in an RV can be an opportunity to see all those places you have been curious about all of your life.

Choosing to travel using an RV removes timelines from your experience and you can enjoy all the quirks on your journey. In every country, there are amazing sites to see and interesting communities to discover. The first thing you can do is make a list of places you would like to visit and plan your journey accordingly.

The joy of an RV is that you always have access to the road and amenities along the way. Living in an RV is exactly as it is intended, and is an excellent home on wheels. The benefit is that you always have your home with you as you travel!

2. An amazing sense of freedom

The long winding road ahead can only represent the ultimate freedom meaning that you are free from the obligations of everyday life. Your life is far less limited in terms of movement and you can be inspired to experience a whole new way of life.

Your family adventure can keep you busy for days. Along the way, you will also meet people who are living a similar lifestyle and will enjoy taking joint adventures with you.

3. Getting to know new people

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Tired of the same old neighbors and same old friends? Well, this is a good opportunity to add texture to your life by getting to know new people from different places. It will be interesting to learn all that you have in common and how much you discover just from a simple conversation.

Living and working on the road will allow you to go beyond your limits to discover different ways of life. This is inspiring because you will find that your journey is filled with fellow RVers who may have more experience and guidance to share for your journey.

At different junctures, you may decide to park your RV and join a small community that offers a sense of family.

4. Slowing down the pace and taking in the scenery

Often being bogged down in a job, mortgage payments and other things can add to the frustration of urban life. Living outside of societal expectations is not easy but it is most certainly worth it in the long run.

Choosing to live in an RV allows you to travel and take in the scenery at a much slower pace. Often our urban lives rob us of the opportunity to truly enjoy the beauty of nature and being out in the open.

RV living allows you to explore nature in many different ways. You can opt to camp in some scenic spots and simply park in others. Either way you choose allows you to truly take in the scenery.

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5. Letting go of dead-end jobs and living

It is not impossible to earn money while you travel in your RV because you can take up work online, travel writing and even selling products at markets along the way. Of course, your income is less predictable but it is a lot more exciting than being stuck in a dead-end job for years on end.

It is scary to give up things that offer security like a job, but even those have their uncertainties. You could be laid off or retrenched, which is why it is important to understand the RV lifestyle can develop your drive to self-generate an income.

Deciding to embark on the RV lifestyle is not an easy decision but with the right shift in your mind and positive approach, you will enjoy the benefits. There are plenty of resources out there to allow RV enthusiasts to earn an income, and you can visit various websites to get you started on RV living.

6. Gaining the courage to do new things

Once you hit the road, you have pretty much started on a journey of discovering new things about the world around you. With having to figure out how you will make a living, you might have to try some new things to get an income. Some of these things will require you to go outside of your comfort zone.

Life on the road will have you trying new things you have never even thought of in your everyday life. You can take up new hobbies like dirt biking and kayaking because you are finally out of the daily rut of living in one place. Every day is a new adventure to try new things and grow beyond your comfort zone.

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7. Finally living life to the fullest!

What does living life to the fullest look like? Well, we cannot say for sure but living in an RV is certainly taking the time to live to the fullest. When stuck in a job or in a life confined to one place, your dreams feel like they are growing more distant. Eventually, they simply seem absurd and unattainable.

Delaying or never even attempting to fulfill our dreams can lead to a sense of depression and unfulfilled life. If your dream is to travel undiscovered terrain or visit every karaoke bar in each town, then this is your opportunity to start doing so! You can easily get RVs from sellers who have lived their lives traveling and maybe retiring or ill.

8. Living a simpler and slower life

Nowadays, being able to slow down is a privilege. Most of us are caught in the fast pace of urban life and slowing down has become necessary. In fact, simplifying one's life is becoming more and more important. At times, we are stuck with mortgages, car payments and rentals we simply cannot afford.

Letting go is the hard part because of what society expects from us. Perhaps, you are enrolled in a course you simply do not like and are struggling to finish it. Maybe you are no longer fond of your house after your spouse has died.

Considering the RV life is a sign that you are finally ready to let go! Starting afresh is painful at times because we leave such fond memories behind but with time, it becomes easier to make peace with starting a new life.

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Do you have the personality to live the RV lifestyle?

Everyone is suited to a certain way of life, and to avoid complete misery - it is important to understand your personality and how you will adapt to life on the road. As someone choosing to make the road your home, you should be a highly adaptable individual who can adjust your way of life.

On the road, some obstacles will come your way and you need to be inventive and creative enough to tackle any problem that might come your way. You also need to be a highly resourceful person who can make due with what you have on the road.

Concluding thoughts

The RV lifestyle is certainly not for everyone, so if you are contemplating, you must be one of the special few it is meant for. As with any lifestyle, there are costs involved and decisions that you will have to make to make sure that it is the right decision for you. Living in an RV may feel like an impulsive decision but many people continue to thrive on the road.

The RV lifestyle is becoming popular in a world where people seek more authenticity and an original way of living life. The joy of RV living is that you can choose to settle down in an RV park and leave when you are ready or you can simply live your life on the road. Either way, RV living is an exciting way to get to know your country’s hidden gems.

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